Rise of the Beasts director wants double bill with classic Transformers movie

Daisy Phillipson
Optimus Prime in Transformers Rise of the Beasts

If Transformers: Rise of the Beasts were to drop in cinemas as a double bill, what movie would it be coupled with? We have the answer from the movie’s director himself, Steven Caple Jr.

Rise of the Beasts, the seventh live-action movie in the Transformers franchise, has arrived in cinemas, introducing us to a number of Beast Wars’ Maximals, who team up with their Autobot ancestors for an all-out battle to save the universe. 

As well as this movie milestone, the film also sees a host of new actors as our human protagonists, with Anthony Ramos’ Noah and Dominique Fishback’s Elena front and center.

Amid the release of Rise of the Beasts, Dexerto caught up with director Steven Caple Jr where we learned more about his Transformers fandom.

Steven Caple Jr would couple Rise of the Beasts with classic Transformers movie

Although Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is released as a single feature, it’s not unheard of for movies to be screened as a double bill for specific events – especially those that are part of a franchise. 

With this in mind, Dexerto asked Caple Jr which movie he thinks would make the perfect accompaniment to a Rise of the Beasts double bill, to which he responded: “That is so tough. Right now, the first one that comes to mind is the 1986 animation film. I think that’d be cool.”

The filmmaker added: “I think everybody who would appreciate it would be someone from the OG era of knowing the Transformers.”

Caple Jr is, of course, referring to The Transformers: The Movie, a feature-length animation based on the original Transformers series. It certainly would make sense to pair this with Rise of the Beasts from a contextual point of view, especially since both films deal with the same threat: Unicron. 

Fun fact about the 1986 version of the planet-eating behemoth: he was voiced by Orsen Welles in his last role. In Rise of the Beasts, Colman Domingo takes on the monumental role. 

Dexerto posed the same double bill question to Ramos and his co-star Tobe Nwigwe, who plays Noah’s pal Reek in the film. 

Nwigwe’s ideal pairing would be Rise of the Beasts and “whatever the sequel is… back to back.” You never know, a sequel could get the greenlight in the near future

As for Ramos, he replied: “Rise of the Beasts and G.I. Joe,” which makes sense given Transformers and G.I. Joe are both Hasbro properties. 

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