Netflix reveals The Witcher is coming to an end

Brianna Reeves
Witcher Netflix ending

While confirming The Witcher Season 4’s production status, Netflix also revealed when the show will be ending.

After recently adding three new actors to the cast, The Witcher Season 4 has officially entered production. Netflix confirmed as much on its X/Twitter page with a message to fans accompanied by a short video of the cast gathering for a table read.

The Season 4 update isn’t all Netflix revealed in the post, however. It also noted that the series has been renewed for its fifth and final season. “And Season 5 is coming to bring this epic series to a fitting conclusion,” the tweet reads in part.

The Witcher Season 4 will usher in major changes for the fantasy series, given that Liam Hemsworth has taken the reigns as Geralt following Henry Cavill’s departure.

Not much is known about the fourth run, but the official synopsis teases that Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer will travel the “war-ravaged Continent” without each other’s company. The summary’s mention of a “baptism of fire” – the title of the fifth book – suggests all three will be surrounded by plenty of drama.

This will likely be helped by a series of new additions to the cast. Laurence Fishburne joins The Witcher as a high vampire named Regis. Meanwhile, District 9’s Sharlto Copley will play bounty hunter Leo Bonhart, with Seinfield’s Danny Woodburn entering the mix as the dwarf, Zoltan.

It’ll be interesting to see how Netflix’s Witcher Season 4 sets up the show’s ending whenever it premieres. As of writing, the streaming platform has yet to set a firm release date.