Moving: Actor Jo In-sung demanded a script change before joining K-drama

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Han Hyo-joo and Jo In-sung star in Disney+'s Moving K-drama.Disney+

Disney+‘s Moving K-drama has fans in love after learning the truth behind characters Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo) and Doo-sik’s romance, but one memorable line between the two characters was thanks to actor Jo In-sung.

Three high school students have grown up with superhuman abilities, and begin to learn they are not alone. Kim Bong-seok (Lee Jeong-ha) was raised by his mother, Mi-hyun, with fans unaware of who his father is and where his floating/flying abilities came from.

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Moving Episode 9 finally answers the truth of how Mi-hyun, a secret government agent, met and fell in love with Kim Doo-sik (Jo), a high-ranked black ops agent. As fans watch their espionage love story unfold, in true K-drama fashion, there is a bit of turmoil. Moving Episode 9 blew away fans with how Mi-hyun and Doo-sik’s story ended – for now.

Above all, the K-drama impressed audiences with Doo-sik’s choice of lines when expressing his love for Mi-hyun. Actor Jo revealed that one unforgettable line by his character was a demanded change before he joined Moving.

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Moving: How did Mi-hyun meet Doo-sik in the K-drama?

In Moving Episode 9, fans are transported back in time when Mi-hyun was an agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Mi-hyun is ordered by her superior to get close to Doo-sik. It’s her only way to be reinstated as a black ops agent.

Many agents believe Doo-sik lets his morals take over instead of the mission. As she sets her traps, both of them begin to fall in love and develop genuine feelings. They also reveal to each other their superpowers. Doo-sik ability to fly, and Mi-hyun having enhanced sight, smell, and hearing.

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While lying to her superior about the truth, she soon learns the truth. He was secretly keeping tabs on them and knew everything. It was a trap when learning that Doo-sik was present during the mission that derailed Mi-hyun’s career. While they fell in love, Doo-sik is sent away on a mission to kill the North Korean president.

But intel revealed he had died a day earlier due to health reasons. The NIS is in shambles and Doo-sik never returned, making him an enemy. Min-hyun waited for him until he finally arrived thanks to spotting her purple apartment curtains, her favorite color. Before Doo-sik first kissed Mi-hyun, he said, “I don’t care if I die.” When he returned after the North Korean presidential crisis, he knew it was a risk as snipers were waiting for him. Mi-hyun asked why he came back, to which he responded, “I was dying inside.”

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In the episodes, Doo-sik never said “I love you” to Min-hyun. Instead, his more emotional double-meaning lines in the K-drama were a choice by Moving actor Jo In-sung.

Jo In-sung met with the K-drama director to make changes before joining Moving

In an interview for Disney+ Korea, Jo In-sung revealed he purposely demanded to change his emotional “I was dying inside” line in Moving when he met with K-drama writer Kang Full.

The cast of Moving took a quiz where they had to choose the right answer to what happened during that scene. After revealing the answer, Jo gave some backstory to how Doo-sik’s line came to be.

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“There is a story behind this dialogue. The old line is ‘I love you.’ So the day I first met Kang Full, I talked about it,” he explained. Jo told the writer, “I can’t do this. Change it to ‘I feel like I’m dying.’ So writer Kang Full happily said ‘okay’ and I joined Moving.”

Jo’s decision to change his character’s line made a profound impact on fans. One fan commenting Doo-sik’s love language is death.

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While Doo-sik knew about Min-hyun’s assignment, he let their romance happen despite the risk. But there is still a long way to go as their story is far from over and fans need to learn why Mi-hyun raised their son alone.

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