Moving teases K-drama crossover with another webtoon

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Webtoon K-dramas are all the rage, with Moving being the most recent claim to fame. Based on Kang Full’s webtoon, fans noticed one episode teased a character crossover from his other work Timing.

Moving takes place in a world where everyday humans have superhuman powers. But it’s not the same flashy gimmick as X-Men or Marvel. Instead, they possess the ability to fly, rapid healing, super speed, or super hearing. There are no fancy costumes or organization names like S.H.I.E.L.D. Moving focuses on three teens with powers, whose parents were once secret agents for a covert government organization.

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The K-drama has seen grand success since its premiere in early August, and it’s left fans wondering if a Moving Season 2 is a possibility. Full admitted that it depends on how well the K-drama is received, but teased the original webtoon has a prequel and standalone chapters to explore.

But die-hard fans noticed that Full has already set the stepping stones to a possible prequel spinoff based on his webtoon Timing.

Moving Episode 16 has a crossover with a central character from Timing webtoon

Timing focuses on individuals with the ability to manipulate time, with the character Kim Young-tak as a high school teen who can stop time with the snap of his fingers.

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In Moving Episode 16, fans learned more about the character Choi Il-hwan (Kim Hee-won) and his association with the NIS (National Intelligence Service). He was a former soldier who witnessed Jang Jun-won’s (Ryoo Seung-ryong) abilities on the battlefield, saving hundreds of soldiers. Feeling indebted, he asks to join the NIS. But the director has other plans for him. He is appointed as a teacher at Jeongwon High School, run by the NIS in secret.

His job is to weed out students with possible superpowers to one day recruit them for the NIS. Over time, Il-hwan began to really care for his students. During a meeting, he meets with a student named Young-tak who is transferring out. Audiences never see his face, but do see his fingers under the desk.

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With a single snap, Young-tak stops time for a few seconds before snapping again. Il-hwan is completely unaware of what Young-tak just did. Without having ever known about his powers, he marks Young-tak as a transfer student in his book.

Timing: Who is Young-tak and what is the webtoon’s storyline?

In an unidentified city, the death of a student puts everyone on edge, as superhuman agents arrive to eradicate the threat in Timing. The webtoon focuses on four ordinary people with different abilities to manipulate time.

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Timing was originally published in 2006 with Young-tak as a student who can stop time. But the webtoon also focuses on a salaryman who can turn back time by 10 seconds. As well as a fast food worker who can see into the future by ten minutes and a teacher who has premonitions in her dreams.

The teacher has a dream of a mass suicide in 10 days and it’s up to her and the others to stop it. As days pass, she realizes there’s more to her premonitions than she realized.

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Fans may be wondering where Young-tak fits into the Moving K-drama storyline as a crossover. Timing takes place within the same world as Moving and Kang Full’s other webtoon Bridge. While Timing was published much earlier, Young-tak appears years before the current events of Moving with the main characters.

Timing could serve as a prequel to Moving, with Bridge as a sequel. In Timing, Young-tak is a student, the same way audiences see him in Moving Episode 16 during the flashbacks. A fan on X (Twitter) revealed that the prologue to Bridge shows some of the scenes of Moving’s webtoon finale. Kang Full’s other webtoon, Again, takes place years after the events of Timing.

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