What is Moving about? Record-breaking K-drama explained

Moving K-drama stars risign actors Kim Do-hoon, Lee Jung-ha, and Go Yoong-jung.Disney+

From Disney+, Moving K-drama shows the dedication of former superhuman secret agents to protect their children from the very organization they escaped – here’s the series explained.

Having released on August 9, Moving has gained immense success among K-drama fans for its riveting spy thriller storyline and heartfelt characters. In this world, superhumans are not like Superman or dressed in costumes like Captain America.

Instead, a select group of enhanced individuals are part of a secret organization, until politics and morals have them abandoning their post. Having escaped to protect their children, they are in danger. Their children have inherited their abilities. While trying to protect them from the agency, they inadvertently get caught in a trap.

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Moving K-drama will tug at heartstrings as fans watch parents divert back to their former deadly skillset to protect their children at all costs. All the while, their children discover who they really are.

Three high school teens try to control their powers in Moving K-drama

Kim Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha), Jang Hui-soo (Go Yoon-jung), and Lee Gang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon) have unique superhuman abilities they try to keep secret from the outside world in Moving K-drama.

Among a seemingly ordinary high school, three students are far from normal. Bong-seok was raised by his mother, Lee Mi-hyun (Han Hoo-joo). From a young age, Bong-seok exhibited the ability to fly/float but has problems controlling it. Now a teenager, he purposely stays overweight and wears a heavy backpack to stop himself from flying. He soon meets Hui-soo, a new student who becomes his only friend.

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Behind her kindness is understanding. She too has superhuman powers and is unable to get hurt. Whether stabbed, punched, or hit by a car, Hui-soo has rapid healing abilities. She too was raised by her father, Jang Ju-won (Ryoo Seung-ryong), after the death of her mother in a car crash.

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Getting close to Bong-seok, they reveal their powers to each other and form a close bond. But their classmate Lee Gang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon) also hides a secret. He has uncanny speed and strength. But fans will notice he has ulterior motives for getting close to Bong-seok and Hui-soon. As the Moving K-drama progresses, fans soon realize they’re in more danger than they will ever know.

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Moving K-drama has former NIS agents fight to protect their children

Amid the stories of Bong-seok, Hui-soo, and Gang-hoon, the Moving K-drama soon explores how their parents are part of the bigger story.

Fans become enamored by Bong-seok and Hui-soo’s friendship and possible romance. But they are unaware that there are bigger forces at play. There is a secret behind the high school they attend and why Gang-hoon is adamant about learning more about his two classmates.

To understand the bigger picture, the Moving K-drama explores the backstories of their parents, specifically Mi-hyun and Ju-won. In reality, they were former agents for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), a government organization that recruited superhumans. But tensions between the agency and them forced Mi-hyun and Ju-won to leave to protect their children. Bong-seok is especially in danger as he inehreted his father’s abilities.

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Knowing the NIS would exploit their children, they fled and stayed under the radar. While successful for years, Mi-hyun and Ju-won begin to realize former agents are being murdered. The only way to keep their children safe is to become the ruthless agents they once were. Moving K-drama is an emotional thrill ride as young teens get caught in the crossfire of their parents’ secret past.

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