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Following the release of Moving’s three-episode finale, we’ve broken down the ending of the popular Disney Plus K-drama.

Prior to the final three episodes, fans were quivering with fear as Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha) and Hui-soo (Go Yoon-jung) were ambushed by a North Korean spy with the ability to fly. Untrained, the two characters try to fight him off, unaware of the chaos happening at Jeongwon High School.

Both Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo) and Ju-won (Ryoo Seung-ryong) learn the truth of the NIS program in the school to look for enhanced students. While there, they are attacked by Kim Deok-yoon and his group of enhanced soldiers. Their goal? To obtain the files Il-hwan has on all the possible gifted students and eradicate the adults. Mi-hyun and Ju-won once again turn into the ruthless agents they once were to protect their children.

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At the same time, one of the North Korean agents goes after Kang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon). Having no training, he is unable to really protect himself. When calling his mother, she tells Jae-man (Kim Sung-kyun), who rushes to save his son. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Moving K-drama finale dived into details about the North Korean spies

While Moving focuses on the gifted characters, audiences learn the politics behind North Korea looking for ways to beat the South.

As Mi-hyun and Ju-won fight off the spies in Moving Episode 18, flashbacks reveal what happened to Doo-sik (Jo In-sung) during his mission in North Korea. Taking out all the soldiers guarding the North Korean president, Deok-yoon (Park Hee-soon) begs Doo-sik not to go into the bedroom. Doo-sik disarms him and shoots off his finger in the process. A bedridden president has Doo-sik second-guessing before leaving. Sometime later, every surviving soldier was killed, with Deok-yoon given mercy by the government.

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In return, he is tasked with pushing hopeful soldiers to death in the hopes of activating their gifts. The scene then moves ahead to the night the NIS captured Doo-sik, with Mi-hyun and their son escaping. Facing the director and another elite spy, Doo-sik is told to do one final mission. But it was a trap all along.

Doo-sik returns to the North Korean president’s office to only be ambushed by Deok-yoon and his new group of gifted soldiers. The NIS set Doo-sik up to be captured and imprisoned. Back in the present time, Mi-hyun escaped gunfire by Deok-yoon and his henchman Yong-deuk (Park Kwang-jae). It’s clear from Deok-yoon’s actions that he has a moral compass and truly cares for his team.

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With her foot injured, Min-hyun takes shelter while calling Ju-won to empower him to save their children.

Moving Episode 19 finale reveals Bong-seok can do more than fly

Kang-hoon is in imminent danger until his father arrives to wreak absolute havoc against the man hurting his son. Moving K-drama soon reveals Bong-seok inherited his mother’s super hearing.

Both Kang-hoon and Il-hwan are gravely wounded. Fueled by fatherly rage, Jae-man bursts through the wall like The Hulk and takes out Chan-il (Jo Bok-rae). In the meantime, Jun-won deals with Yong-deuk and renders him unconscious. North Korea has a trick up their sleeves with an unknown superhuman. In his backstory, Jae-seok was imprisoned in a North Korean concentration camp as a child due to his father being a traitor. Spending his life in a dark cave, his eyesight dimmed.

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He shows signs of a supersonic power and is ready to die until an unknown prisoner tells him to live. Sooner rather than later, he is taken as a secret weapon for the army and Yong-deuk develops a bond with him. At present time, he’s called to take out the main characters. Meanwhile, Bong-seok and Hui-soo are dealing with Jun-hwa until he receives a phone call from Deok-yoon.

The Moving K-drama finale reveals Bong-seok has super hearing and learns his mother is in trouble. As Deok-yoon leaves, Hui-soo takes a bullet for Bong-seok and survives. Bong-seok takes to the skies to save his mother. As the others continue their fight at the school, Hui-soo runs there and catches the attention of Gye-do (Cha Tae-hyun).

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Seeing her in distress, he follows her. At the school, Jae-seok (Kim Joong-hee) is gravely wounded and tells Yong-deuk they should live before plummeting out a window and using his one hand to create a sonic boom that decimates half the school. Jun-wo and Jae-man survive and the latter tries to help his son out of danger. The episode ends with Jun-wo looking up and getting shot in the eye.

Moving K-drama finale has all the families reuniting for a happy ending

The epic battle in the Moving finale results in new chapters for all the main characters, and the birth of one superhero.

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After the blast, Jae-seok dies seeing snowfall. While mourning his comrade, Yong-deuk climbs out of the hole the same way he did when he was recruited as a soldier. Meanwhile, Bong-seok arrives at the school and tries to take on Jun-hwa to protect his mother. Don’t worry, Jun-wo is alive and removes his eye to rapidly heal. Desperate to protect Bong-seok, she aims at Deok-yoon.

While Jun-wo tells her son to flee, he assures her to trust him and flies away, only for Hye-do to use the bus’s battery to supercharge his powers and slice off Jun-hwa’s hand. Deok-yoon tells Jun-hwa to flee as he has a family to protect. A flashback reveals that Deok-yoon was against the mission from the start and the supposed sacrifices made in return.

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Wanting things to end, he kills himself by falling off the roof. The Moving finale has all our beloved characters alive. Bong-seok carries his mother on his back and Mi-hyun remarks how much her son has grown up. In the distance, Hui-soo arrives to see her father.

Months later, the characters graduate high school. Il-hwan gives the files to Jun-wo for safekeeping. But Bong-seok is notably absent from the festivities. Kang-hoon is forced to follow the NIS’s plans for him and becomes a recruit to protect his father. But the NIS director is visited by his superiors and gives an idea that there’s more in store. Fans may notice the woman is none other than Hye-won (Shim Dal-gi), Hui-soo’s classmate. Jun-hwa returns to Korea and, in an act of revenge, murders their general.

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Why? Because he knows their plan was to create a breeding program to use the children for their gifted soldiers. Wanting to protect his family, Jun-hwa kills him.

What happened to Doo-sik in Moving?

The Moving finale reveals Doo-sik (Jo In-sung) has been a prisoner the whole time and is let free by Jun-hwa, who warns him they will use his son.

He enacts revenge and kills the NIS director. But the director warns he has made a grave mistake. Meanwhile, Yong-deuk now works with Jun-wo at the chicken restaurant. News reports show a flying hero in a yellow raincoat saving people from a burning building. Bong-seok has become a superhero.

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Now running a don katsu restaurant in Seoul, Bong-seok and his mom are on the purple colored roof. From the skies, Doo-sik arrives to finally reunite with his family. Hui-soo enters college and helps her father when she can.

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