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Popular K-drama Moving has reached its Season 1 conclusion, and fans are left wondering if a Season 2 is possible based on Kang Full’s original webtoon and the events of the post-credit scene.

Critics and fans have praised Moving for its heartfelt characters, storyline, use of CGI, and accurate portrayal of the original webtoon. Moving might as well rise to the ranks of Squid Game as it became the most expensive K-drama in history.

Like most K-dramas based on written source material, there’s always room to explore more characters and storylines. Full has already teased that the possibility of a Season 2 depends on how well-received Moving becomes, but did admit he wants to take a break. Moving was his first on-screen work as a scriptwriter.

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The possibilities of a Moving Season 2 are more imminent than fans may have realized as Full sprinkled in a few Easter Eggs, and the post-credit scene teases a new NIS. Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

Will there be a Moving Season 2?

For now, there’s no official statement from Disney+ or Kang Full developing a Moving Season 2.

The Moving finale ended on a positive note that fans are happy with. After an epic battle at the high school, all the main characters made it out alive with a majority of the North Korean spies having met death. But the finale also gave away a few Season 2 possibilities.

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Fans saw how Kang-hoon was forced to join the NIS as a recruit after graduation. Why? Because as a child, the NIS kept tabs on him and his father due to their powers. To protect his father, Kang-hoon agreed to help the NIS and join them in the future. The finale also teases something worse is to come.

The NIS director was visited by his superiors, one of which is very familiar. Even the director was fearful of being scolded by Shin Hye-won. Where do fans know her from? Fans may remember that in Hui-soo’s past, she stood up for a student who was getting bullied. Hye-won then surprised her when transferring to Jeongwon High School. It’s clear that she was a spy for the NIS for some time and is much higher ranked.

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When Doo-sik kills the director after being released from North Korea, the director warns him he made a grave mistake and fears for the future of Korea.

Is there a Moving Season 2 release date?

With no news of a Moving Season 2, there are no details of a possible release date.

Moving began filming in late August of 2021 after completing its cast. The K-drama has hours and hours of CGI footage and stuntwork that took time to create and get right. With Moving having premiered in August 2023, fans can speculate that it would take some time to write, develop, and film a Season 2. The best guess is Moving Season 2 will not air until 2024 or 2025.

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Moving Season 2 cast: Who’d be in it?

For now, the cast list for Moving Season 2 is unknown with fans hoping the original cast will return and new characters.

Seeing as the NIS still poses a threat to our main characters, it may be that the original cast could return for Moving Season 2. It would include:

  • Ryoo Seung-ryong as Ju-won
  • Han Hyo-joo as Lee Mi-hyun
  • Jo In-sung as Kim Doo-sik
  • Jeon Gye-do as Cha Tae-hyun
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Lee Jae-man
  • Go Yoon-jung as Jang Hui-soo
  • Lee Jung-ha as Kim Bong-seok
  • Kim Do-hoon as Lee Gang-hoon

But the post-credit scene in the Moving finale teased the return of some old and newer characters. The scene revealed Frank (Ryoo Seung-beum) returning to Korea, NIS Secretary Yeo Woon-kyu (Kim Shin-rok), and a newcomer agent Ma Sang-gu (Park Byung-eun).

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Moving Season 2 plot: What would it be about?

A few Easter Eggs and the post-credit scene have fans believing Moving Season 2 will either focus on Kang Full’s Timing webtoon as a prequel or continue the original storyline as the NIS has a new director.

Moving had a worthwhile crossover with one of Full’s popular webtoons Timing. Fans saw how Il-hwan is talking to a student, years before the current events. While the scene never revealed the student’s face, fans see him snap his fingers and stop time. The character is Kim Young-tak, one of the central characters in Timing. The webtoon takes place before the events of Moving but within the same world.

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The post-credit scene in Moving has fans more than hopeful of a Season 2. Woon-kyu quickly goes to the director’s office and vows her allegiance to Sang-gu, the new director. He too vows to give his life for their country. Could this have been the warning given to Doo-sik?

Fans were also left in shock at the reveal of American spy and superhuman Frank still in Korea. The scene then changes to Mark (Daniel C. Kennedy), the U.S. Embassy and CIA rep looking over files. He tags Frank as missing and looks at the file of another soldier.

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Flashbacks reveal that when Frank was trained as a child soldier there was another boy named Elias. Fans hear Mark tell someone to call Elias as the scene ends glossing over his file.

You can read more about everything K-drama in our hub here, where fans can read the original webtoon here, Kang Full’s comment on the use of AI here, and why actor Lee Jung-ha was happy gaining weight for the K-drama here.

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