Moving: Who dies in the K-drama finale?

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Actor Kim Sung-kyun as Jae-man in Moving finaleDisney+

The superhero K-drama Moving had fans on the edge of their seats during its three-episode finale, with many hoping the beloved main characters made it out alive and avoid death.

Disney+’s K-drama has been a grand success all the way through its finale. The main characters are in a fight for their lives as Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo) and Ju-won (Ryoo Seung-ryong) become ruthless in their pursuits to protect their children from North Korea and the NIS. At the same time, Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha) and Hui-soo (Go Yoon-jung) face an enhanced North Korean spy and try to use their underdeveloped powers to win.

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Amid the chaos of the final three episodes, there’s a lot of blood and fatal wounds. Deok-yoon (Park Hee-soon) is under strict order to kill the adults and take the files on the possibly enhanced students. Having to follow his country’s orders, he tries to fulfill his mission, but is he successful?

The Moving finale might have some fans sighing in relief but also sympathizing with some deaths, as there was a bigger picture at play with pawns playing the game. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Moving: Does Mi-hyun or other characters face death?

Thankfully, the Moving finale ends on a happy note, with all our main characters alive and moving on to try and live their normal lives.

There were a few close calls for the main characters. When one Korean soldier used his supersonic power, it gravely wounded Kang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon), but he was saved by his father using his super strength. Another close call happened when the same villain used his powers to destroy half the school. Fans saw Jae-man (Kim Sung-kyun) survive, but Ju-won had a structural bar through his body. No worries, he took it like a champ. The same was said about his daughter Hui-soo, who took a bullet for Bong-seok and was okay.

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But fans were left wondering if Jun-wo was alive after he was shot in the head by Jun-hwa. Thanks to his powers, he removed his eye and healed to keep fighting. Mi-hyun was the least in danger compared to the others. By the Moving finale, all the characters survived with every Korean soldier, except Yong-deuk (Park Kwang-jae) and Jun-hwa (Yang Dong-geun). Having a moral compass, Deok-yoon tells them to flee while they still can.

Jae-seol, the supersonic soldier, was killed in the blast he created, and Deok-yoon sacrificed himself. But their deaths were saddening when realizing they were all taken advantage of by their country and used as pawns. The Moving finale also revealed Doo-sik (Jo In-sung) was alive and a prisoner.

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While Jun-hwa killed the North Korean general, Doo-sik killed the NIS director. It then fast forwards to Hui-soo and Kang-hoon graduating high school and Il-hwan returning to be a teacher. Yong-deuk is in the care of Ju-won and Hui-soo and works at the chicken restaurant. Ju-won lost his eye due to the fight and Hui-soo got into college.

What of Kang-hoon? He’s forced to join the NIS and a scene shows his father happily looking at his son’s diploma. What about Bong-seok and his mother? They moved to Seoul and opened a new restaurant. Moving ends with Doo-sik finding the purple-colored roof and reuniting with his son and wife.

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