Oscar Isaac has an unusual pitch for Moon Knight Season 2

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Oscar Isaac as Marc in Moon Knight standing in front of Moon KnightMarvel/Disney

The fate of Moon Knight Season 2 is still up in the air, but that hasn’t stopped Oscar Isaac from spit-balling a few ideas of his own for the Marvel show’s continuation.

When the series first hit screens in 2022, fans were pretty receptive. It managed to win viewers over with some creative violence, unpredictable personality-switching, and a questionable (but lovable) British accent from Isaac.

The first season came to a close having left the doors wide open for more Egyptian moon god antics. But Marvel still has yet to confirm Moon Knight Season 2, and it’s getting to the point where fans are wondering if there’ll even be room for Marc/Stephen/Moon Knight on the upcoming Marvel slate at all.

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That said, it sounds like Isaac himself is optimistic. Or at least, he’s been looking into some potential plot points for the hypothetical second season. And, honestly, he’s settled on an unexpected one.

Oscar Isaac’s pitch for Moon Knight Season 2

When speaking at the 2024 Middle East Film and Comic Con, Isaac said he thought there was “an interesting opportunity with Midnight Sons.”

“There’s such interesting characters in there, and now that we’ve set the groundwork with learning who Marc, Steven, Jake are, it could be an interesting opportunity to see him as part of a team and what that dynamic would be,” he explained. “So I think that would be exciting, I think for me, I definitely hope there’s some room to explore that possibility.”

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Instagram post of Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight panel at Middle East Film and Comic Con 2024Instagram

Why is this so unusual? Well, anyone who knows the Midnight Sons knows that they aren’t heavily associated with Moon Knight as we know him, so it would be unexpected for them to show up in Moon Knight Season 2.

For those who don’t know, the Midnight Sons is a team of supernatural heroes that first appeared in Ghost Rider (Vol.3) #31 back in 1992. The group originally including Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, Blade, and Morbius — they’re essentially the Avengers, but a little more punk-rock.

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But as random as it sounds, there are some links. Back in 2017, Moon Knight artist Greg Smallwood wanted to revamp the Midnight Sons with a new version that would include Moon Knight. Although this idea didn’t come together, Moon Knight would eventually appear as part of the Midnight Sons in the 2018 Doctor Strange: Damnation series.

Although a lot would have to happen to justify the sudden appearance of the Midnight Sons in Moon Knight season 2 (realistically, that ill-fated Blade movie would need to see the light of day), it could give the underrated Marvel series a boost. Throwing an Egyptian god into the ring to fight alongside other supernatural heroes? Not a bad idea, Oscar Isaac.

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