Oscar Isaac teases Moon Knight Season 2 in viral TikTok while visiting Cairo

Eleni Thomas
Moon Knight season 2 header image

A recent TikTok featuring Moon Knight’s director, as well as lead actor Oscar Isaac, might have just revealed that the show will be getting a second season.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting to hear if Moon Knight will be getting a second season. 

And while no news about season 2 has been confirmed yet, a viral TikTok may have just revealed that Moon Knight will in fact be coming back for another round. 

The video, uploaded by director Mohamed Diab’s daughter Haya includes some familiar faces and ones that are central to Moon Knight.

The TikTok begins with Haya asking the “question on everyone’s mind, is there a season 2?”

The camera then pans to Moon Knight season 1 director Mohamed Diab, who feigns confusion and asks, “of what, Moon Knight?”

The final moments of the TikTok then cut to the show lead actor Oscar Isaac, who simply adds, “why else would we be in Cairo?”

Given that season 1 of Moon Knight was shot in the city of Cairo, this is as close to a confirmation of season 2 that fans have gotten.

Moon Knight debuted on Disney+ at the end of March, 2022. The show was praised for its fantastic performances and fresh narrative. It tells the story of Marc Spector, a man who becomes the champion of Egyptian god Konshu, taking on the form of the Moon Knight in order to protect the innocent by any means necessary.

While the only MCU show to get more than one season so far is Loki, the ending of Moon Knight left a lot unfinished. Paving the way for future seasons and a deeper exploration into the characters.

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