Marvel fans stunned as breakout MCU star just graduated from high school 

Je'Kayla Crawford
America Chavez MCU

Actress Xochitl Gomez, a.k.a America Chavez, just walked across the graduation stage, and Marvel fans are losing their minds.

Despite the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe began nearly 20 years ago and there have been many on-screen portrayals of teenagers/young children, most actors were adults by the time they made their MCU debut. Or at least barely.

Tom Holland was just 19 years old in Captain America: Civil War, and Iman Vellani was 18 during the filming of Ms Marvel. Nonetheless, the age of this newer Marvel star is still making people turn their heads.

On May 27, Xochitl Gomez took to Instagram to reveal that she graduated from high school, and also shared a throwback photo of one of her childhood Yearbook photos to illustrate how far she’s come.

The fact that the 18-year-old actress has just achieved this life milestone has made countless fans realize how young Xochitl must have been when she made her MCU debut Doctor Strange: Multitude of Madness.

She was only fourteen at the time of filming, and most people are at a total loss for words with this awareness. A Reddit thread was quickly produced for fans to react to her shocking age.

One fan wrote, “I knew she was young, I didn’t knew she was THAT young.”

Another fan also chimed in and said, “Had no idea she was an actual child. Thought she was college aged at minimum.”

“Its nice to see shows and movies nowadays casting actual teenagers for teenage shows instead of 30 year-olds lmao,” a different Reddit user also pointed out.

After taking home the Dancing With The Stars mirrorball trophy in Season 32, who knows what project Xochitl will take on next? Whether that means another MCU film, pursuing college, or something else, we’ll find out soon enough.

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