Marvel chief’s Agatha All Along promise should excite horror fans

Christopher Baggett
Agatha Harkness in WandaVision

MCU fans have finally gotten an update on the upcoming Wandavision spin-off Agatha All Along, and it sounds like the show is going to lean into horror vibes.

Agatha All Along is the next live-action MCU outing, bringing Kathryn Hahn back as the sinister Agatha Harkness.

Agatha was last seen in the WandaVision finale, trapped in her form as a suburban housewife after Wanda released her hold on the town of Westview.

Marvel Head of Streaming, Television and Animation Brad Winderbaum offered an update on Agatha All Along during the latest Official Marvel Podcast, and he’s promising fans a frightening experience.

(Conversation begins at 8:01)

“Agatha is really fun, but it’s really scary, and it gets quite dramatic,” Winderbaum explained. “She’s an amazing anti-hero, and that show lures you in with the fun of Halloween. Before you know it, you’re crying, so I’ll put it to you that way.”

This direction for Agatha All Along should be a good sign for fans of the MCU who have been eager for more horror content. The last (and, to date, only) true “horror” project in the MCU was 2022’s Werewolf By Night.

Despite being incredibly well received, Werewolf by Night has yet to receive a follow-up, and its characters haven’t reappeared in the MCU as of this writing. Between that and Blade’s seemingly cursed development, MCU horror fans are starving for more.

Like most MCU projects, Agatha All Along has not revealed much about its plot yet. We do know from an interview with showrunner Jac Schaeffer that the show will differ from WandaVision, instead exploring the history of witches and how they factor into the broader MCU.

Nonetheless, Winderbaum assured the podcast’s hosts that while it is a spooky MCU show, Agatha All Along will still have thrills and very real threats.

“It’s a Marvel brand of scary! It’s a Halloween show. There are deadly stakes in this series. It’s a fun ride, but it’s a dangerous one,” he added.

Agatha All Along premieres on Disney+ on September 18. Until then, you can read up on every Deadpool 3 cameo we know about so far, the best new movies on streaming this month or all the upcoming Disney+ releases.