Interview with the Vampire Season 2: Everything we know so far

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Interview with the Vampire will be coming back for Season 2 – here’s everything we know so far about the second run, including any release date updates, cast, and plot.

Interview with the Vampire has been one of the best selling horror franchises in recent decades. The story, which stems form Anne Rice’s book series The Vampire Chronicles, was adapted into a film with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt back in the 1990s, but fans were super excited when a TV series went into development in recent years.

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The series, which promised to stay “truer to the books”, became a hit amongst audiences and ciritcs, gaining a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And thankfully, the series is far from over, as a second season has also been confirmed.

But what’s happening with this second season, and when is it coming out? Well, read on to find out everything we know so far…

Interview with the Vampire Season 2: Is there a release date?

Currently, there has been no official release date announced for Interview with the Vampire Season 2. And with the recent Hollywood strikes, production was momentarily halted, so we could be in for a wait.

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Season 2 had been confirmed before the first season even premiered, but it is still in development. Filming was set to begin April 2023 and finish in August, which Deadline confirmed, adding that production would be happening in Prague, along with shoots in Paris and New Orleans.

However, Season 2 was halted due to the recent SAG-AFTRA strikes, leaving any release date predictions in disarray. While production is now back in session due to new negotiations, obviously this pause will set the release date back.

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Interview with the Vampire Season 2 trailer: Is there a trailer?

While no official trailer has been released, AMC has given us a Sneak Peak at their panel at San-Diego Comic-Con. Check it out below:

And if you’re really curious about what’s going to happen, check out the trailer for the 1996 film, which will likely hint at plot details that the second season will cover:

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 cast: Who is starring next season?

As of writing, most of the main cast will be returning for Season 2, and the official cast list includes but is not limited to:

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  • Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac
  • Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt
  • Delainey Hayles as Claudia
  • Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy
  • Assad Zaman as Rashid/Armand
  • Ben Daniels as Santiago

Santiago, a new character for the second season, is part of the Theatre des Vampires in Paris and potentially one of the antagonists for Season 2.

One significant change in the casting is the role of Claudia, as Bailey Bass – who played her in Season 1 – will not be returning. Delainey Hayles will be replacing her.

Deadline confirmed the news, and AMC said in a statement: “Bailey Bass is a talented actor who did a remarkable job bringing the character of Claudia to life in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. For a variety of reasons, Delainey Hayles will appear as Claudia in Season 2 We are grateful for Bailey’s unforgettable performance in Season 1 and wish her nothing but the best.”

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Bass also spoke on the situation, stating: “Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances I’m unable to return to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire for the second season. Playing Claudia has been a dream role and an incredible ride. I wish Delainey the best of luck in taking over. I cannot wait to watch. I’m extremely appreciative of AMC, the producers, Jacob, Sam, the crew and, of course, the wonderful fans.”

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 plot: What will happen next season?

As of now, there is no official plot synopsis for Interview with the Vampire Season 2. However, as the series is based on the book by Anne Rice, we can easily imagine what’s going to happen, as there is still half a book left to cover.

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The series so far has followed the vampire Louis as he recounted his life to an ageing journalist Daniel Molloy. Louis was turned into a vampire in the early 1900s by Lestat, and the two have had a very toxic relationship in the century since, which is only made more tricky when they also turn a young girl, Claudia, and bring her into their family.

At the end of Season 1, it is revealed that Louis is now with another vampire, Armand, though this relationship doesn’t seem any healthier. We were also shown that Louis and Claudia are now moving to Europe in an attempt to meet more vampires, after supposedly killing Lestat. But Lestat isn’t dead, since Louis didn’t actually want it that way. So wherever Louis and Claudia go, Lestat is sure to be close behind.

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“I’m excited to see Lestat learn some hard lessons, but he’s an incredibly resilient, enduring character who’s had to put his own desires first for a number of reasons,” Sam Reid (who plays Lestat) told Entertainment Weekly. “And what are you left with when you’re left to deal with yourself, when you’re killed by the person you love the most? Obviously, a vampire dying is exceptionally difficult, but when you live an immortal life, you go through certain stages, so I am most interested in learning and discovering about Lestat’s process of accepting that. And I’m not sure if he accepts it entirely. I’m not sure if he feels great about it.”

Reid also teased that the series would take parts of Anne Rice’s book in a new direction: “The way that they have made the changes to the book really stays true to the soul of the book and expands certain moments.

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“There are enough to keep fans of the book series interested and excited about what is happening, and enough teasers to the expanded universe that exists within Anne Rice’s books. What I think is going to be exciting for people to see is that this season really breaks open. It was sort of like a little domestic drama between three vampires in the first season, and we’re now meeting a lot more vampires and the world begins to expand. It is a lot bigger than just that drawing room in New Orleans. They have found a way to weave in lots of little Easter eggs about where we’re going in the future, and that’s exciting.

“Anne Rice wasn’t afraid to break rules, to push boundaries, and make people unhappy with some of the choices that she made. She’s not always out to give everyone what they want, and it is confronting as a fan of a book to sort of read some of those things. And we honor that in the show. We’re not always making choices that are going to make everyone happy. We’re honoring that kind of anarchic element that Anne Rice had in her writing.”

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Series showrunner Rolin Jones had also recently teased Season 2’s plot on AMC’s blog: “I can tell you a couple things. The challenge is that in the second half of the book, there’s less plot than there is in the first half of the book and there’s so much internal dialogue.

“There are long scenes of people having discussions. What we’re finding that’s really cool about that is even though it’s not giving you a wealth of plot, what it does have are these really big emotional tentpoles. There are big plot moments that we’re retaining from it, but there are these emotional moments too within our plot that might be slightly different than what’s in the book. I’m feeling really, really excited about that.”

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“We’re going to Europe and Part 2 of the novel is Episode 1 of Season 2. So, we’re going there and we’re going to experience that. Then we’re going to Paris. We’re going to see what coven life is all about, and we have some more time than the movie or even the book. We’re continuing to make the interview part of this and just as important as the flashback, in that there are some very active things that are going to be happening in Dubai. Then, more than anything, and we teased it out a little in Season 1, the idea of memory and what is true and what isn’t true is a big player in Season 2. It’s all going towards, groping towards, who am I? How did I get here? What is to become of me now? There’s a lot!” Jones added.

We will update this article when we learn more.

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Interview with the Vampire Season 1 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, which you can sign up for here.

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