Has Rachel Zegler’s Snow White remake been cancelled?

A still from Disney's Snow White and Rachel Zegler in the West Side Story remakeDisney/20th Century Studios

As Rachel Zegler gears up for the release of The Hunger Games prequel, what about her much-talked-about Disney live-action remake Snow White? Here’s what you need to know about if the movie has been cancelled.

It’s safe to say Disney’s live-action remakes haven’t always had the best press, with fans accusing the House of Mouse of running out of ideas. But none have faced the heat quite as much as Snow White, and this is all down to the actress taking on the titular role: Rachel Zegler.

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This summer, an interview from 2022 circulated online showing Zegler slamming the Disney classic and saying: “It’s no longer 1937, guys.” She described Prince Charming as a “stalker,” joked his scenes will be pulled from the reboot, and talked about changing the narrative to focus on empowerment rather than true love. 

Social media’s been sent into a frenzy over the comments, with other resurfaced videos of Zegler doing the rounds online, old dramas being dragged up, and talks of boycotting the star’s next movie too. So, what does this mean for the ill-fated project? Disney already looks set to stall its release, but has the Snow White remake been canceled?

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Has Rachel Zegler’s Snow White remake been canceled?

No, right now Disney hasn’t announced the cancellation of the Snow White live-action remake starring Rachel Zegler – but there are numerous reasons why people think this is the case. 

First up, Mouse Trap News – a satirical Disney news site – shared an article titled ‘Disney Officially Cancels the Live-Action Snow White Movie’. Here’s the problem: some people fail to realize that the online publication is satire

“Why is Disney canceling the new Snow White live-action movie? It’s clearly because of all of the controversy. Disney has two problems right now,” the article states. “First, they are financially struggling. Their movies continue to tank in the theaters. 

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“This is partially due to poor plots, bad songs, and a lack of novel stories. It’s also because Disney favors progressivism over quality films and their core consumers don’t like that.”

Although the report is fictitious, plenty of readers fell for it, and the story was even picked up by a number of sites. This, coupled with the ongoing backlash to Zegler, has sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

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Taking to Twitter/X, one commenter wrote: “Rumor has it #disney has cancelled #SnowWhite live action. If this is true it’s proof that there is a #God.” Another said, “Yo heard that they cancelled Snow White,” alongside a series of laughing emojis. 

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“Please tell me this rumor about Snow White being cancelled is real,” added a third, while a fourth chimed in: “Snow White is CANCELED! Finally! Goodbye Rachel Zelger.”

Others cottoned on to the fact that the news story is fake, although it’s pretty clear where many of their opinions lie. As said one: “It’s a damn shame that the story about the Snow White reboot being cancelled wasn’t true. I’m sure a lot of people wish it was.”

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All that being said, it does look like Disney may delay the release of Snow White – but it has nothing to do with Zegler. 

Although the live-action remake was set to drop on March 22, 2024, according to Puck’s Matt Belloni, the former editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter and trusted industry source, the movie will “almost certainly move off that date.”

Sources told TheDisInsider.com that the Snow White reboot is yet to be completed and reshoots still need to be done, and another reason for the potential delay is due to the ongoing actors’ and writers’ strikes in Hollywood.

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We’ll be sure to keep this space updated as and when new information rolls in. 

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