Major company apologizes to Rachel Zegler over Snow White controversy

Daisy Phillipson
Image of Snow White star Rachel Zegler

Amid the ongoing controversy involving Disney’s Snow White live-action remake, a major company has issued an apology to its main star, Rachel Zegler. 

Unless you’ve been on an internet hiatus over the past couple of weeks, you will have heard about the Snow White drama. You see, the movie was already off to a bad start, with people accusing Disney of running out of ideas by remaking all of its animated classics in live-action form – but this has turned out to be the least of its worries. 

Rachel Zegler, who is playing the titular princess in the updated Snow White, has received severe backlash after a resurfaced interview showed her slamming the original movie and suggesting the prince was a “stalker”. She also spoke about changing the narrative to focus on female empowerment rather than “love”. 

Though dating back to 2022, her comments have been doing the rounds online of late, sparking a heated debate – and straight-up vitriol from her harshest critics. However, one company is attempting to make amends by apologizing to Zegler. 

Major company apologizes to Rachel Zegler over Snow White controversy

Girlboss – the media company aimed at helping strong and ambitious women to succeed – got caught up with the Snow White chat, sharing content about Rachel Zegler that didn’t speak in her favor. However, the firm has had time to think about the impact this may have had. 

Taking to Instagram, the Girlboss team tagged the actress, writing: “We owe you an apology. Recently, we shared some content in our newsletter and on our social media accounts about interviews you’ve been doing for your upcoming Snow White remake. In the days following, we began to wonder if we spoke too quickly and too harshly.

Girlboss' Instagram apology to Rachel Zelger

“When the TikTok videos and news articles first started to come out about comments you made in your interviews, we were eager to join in on the conversation with cheeky memes and sassy quips, not realizing that we were doing it at your expense.

“We know ‘girlboss’ culture has long been associated with the narrative of women tearing down other women. And so, we’ve spent the last few years trying to change the culture around our brand, our community and our name. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but part of growing also means owning up to mistakes and missteps.”

The company went on to say that “it was a mistake” on their part to “forget how hard it is to just be a woman with an opinion,” and to “have your words twisted.” Girlboss concluded the post by writing: “We hope this letter reaches you so that you may know we are in your corner.”

You can read more about the Snow White controversy here, and an “out of context” clip of Zegler here

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