Disney dropped Snow White in 4K and everyone said the same thing

Daisy Phillipson
Still from original Snow White and image of Rachel Zegler

Disney just announced its 1937 animated classic Snow White is getting the 4K treatment with an upcoming 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition release – but everyone is saying the same thing. 

Streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Max have faced criticism for removing original shows and movies from their libraries in a bid to cut costs, in what’s been described as “the streaming purge”. However, there have been some positives in the world of physical media, with Disney dedicating time to restoring a number of its key titles. 

Following on from the successful 4K UHD restoration of its 1950 animation Cinderella – and as part of the Disney100 collection to mark the studio’s centennial – Snow White will be coming to 4K UHD Blu-ray for the first time, dropping on October 10. 

However, when the news was posted online, the chat has been overwhelmingly focused on the forthcoming Snow White live-action remake, which has been mired in controversy due to its lead star, Rachel Zegler

Fans make same comment about Disney’s Snow White 4K restoration

Disney fans were quick to call out Zegler in the comments section, referencing her quotes about the original Snow White – the quotes that kickstarted this entire mess. Last month, a 2022 interview circulated online showing Zegler slamming the Disney classic and saying: “It’s no longer 1937, guys.”

The West Side Story star spoke about changing the narrative to focus on female empowerment rather than “true love,” while suggesting the prince was a “stalker” and joking that his scenes in the remake might be cut. Since then, a number of Zegler’s previous interviews have been shared, and the backlash has been loud – you can read more about the whole saga here

In response to the news that the OG Snow White is getting the 4K treatment, one person wrote on Twitter/X: “I thought it wasn’t 1937 anymore?  Who wants to watch the ‘weird, weird’ stalker guy? Who needs true love? Funny how they’re actively trashing this film while also asking you to buy it again.”

Tweet about Snow White 4K restoration

“The film about a stalker that’s very evidently a product of being made in 1937,” said another, while a third added: “Go watch it Rachel you may learn something.” A fourth chimed in: “Trying to recoup the money they’ll inevitably lose from the live action remake.”

“Pretty sure this movie was made in 1937, and very evidently so,” quipped a fifth. “So why would I buy a movie about a stalker prince saving the self-sufficient princess against her will?”

To read more about the Snow White controversy, check out the coverage below: 

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