The Boys fans spot secret Gen V Easter egg in Season 3

Cameron Frew
Marie Moreau from Gen V and Hughie from The Boys

The Boys has returned to our screens in the form of Gen V, a gnarly coming-of-age spinoff – but Season 3 teased the new series before we knew it.

Gen V follows the students of Godolkin University, Vought’s official college campus for up-and-coming supes destined for a career in acting, crimefighting, and for the lucky few, a spot in The Seven.

Some characters from the mainline series have made small appearances, but while most of them are only cameos, the spinoff’s story could have major implications for the franchise’s world at large; how deep does Vought’s corruption go?

Following Episode 4, some fans have been taking a look back at The Boys to hunt for clues – and they found a tease for Gen V before we knew anything about it.

Gen V Easter egg spotted in The Boys

In Season 3 Episode 2 of The Boys, Hughie visits Red River, an orphanage for super-powered orphans. As he’s being shown the records of children and teens who live there, there’s a familiar face on the screen: Marie Moreau, the main character in Gen V.

“That’s actually a pretty great find!” one Redditor wrote. “Oh wow they’ve BEEN plotting,” another viewer tweeted. “How did I never notice the Marie Moreau Easter egg in The Boys,” a third wrote.

“l love myself for knowing this all along but I wonder… WHERE IS THE ELEVEN RIP-OFF? She will be the key to f*ck Homelander up. Trust,” a fourth wrote, referencing Cindy.

The Boys creator Eric Kripke and Gen V’s showrunner Michele Fazekas recently addressed Marie’s past on-screen appearance in an interview with Collider. They were asked if the new characters could crossover into the flagship series, to which Kripke said: “I can neither confirm nor deny. Look, they exist in the same world and one of the joys of the shows is that the shows can sing to each other.”

Fazekas then said, “Marie has already shown up in The Boys,” and Kripke added: “Oh, yeah, that’s true. Marie had a little Easter egg. As long as you don’t need to see the other show to enjoy the one you’re watching then we’re totally open to that stuff.

“It really bums me out when you’re watching a franchise and it’s like, ‘Oh, wait, did you watch the 12 other hours? Because you’re not gonna understand any of this unless you see that.’ And then, it starts to feel like homework. So, as long as you can just watch it and enjoy it then, yeah, we’re totally open to that kind of stuff.”

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