What do the talismans mean in From?

Trudie Graham
Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in From.

The mysterious rocks in the horror show are vital for Boyd Stevens and the town. This is what the talismans mean in From and how they’re used.

The From cast‘s top priority is surviving long enough to solve the town’s mysteries, and the inscribed stones placed throughout the series are crucial to that plan.

You’ll see them in From Season 3 and beyond because they’re part of a strategy to curb the creatures.

So, let’s dig into what the talismans do and how they interfere with the From monsters.

What do the talismans mean in From?

Talismans in From are used to repel monsters in enclosed spaces.

A nailed talisman in From.
The talismans are nailed next to doors.

Talismans are placed on homes and other buildings to protect the people inside them. The rocks are inscribed with rune-like symbols which empower them to ward off creatures.

The catch — a pretty big one — is that they’re only effective in enclosed spaces. So, if Smiley comes straight for you in the middle of a street, your talisman will be reduced to a glorified rock.

If you’re in a building, you’re in luck; creatures won’t be able to enter if you’ve put a talisman at the entrances. Just be careful not to open a window, as that will nullify their effect.

Where do the talismans come from in From?

The From talismans were discovered by Boyd Stevens in the Talisman Cave, but neither he nor the audience knows where they originally came from.

Boyd and Sara traverse the forest in From Season 1 Episode 8.
In Season 1, Boyd explained to Sara he found the talismans in the cave.

In general, talismans are made to possess magical or religious powers used for protection, healing, or causing harm.

The Talisman Cave is located in the Forest, where Boyd first discovered them in Season 1 Episode 8 while foraging. Taking shelter in the cave, he realized creatures couldn’t enter it. Upon finding the talismans inside, he brought them back to town to be nailed to entrances.

Like most things in From, we don’t know their origin. Still, we can ascertain that someone or something created them to repel the monsters.

The Cave is the furthest Boyd has ventured out so far, so it stands to reason there may be more supernatural surprises waiting beyond it.

What are the runes on the talismans in From?

From characters don’t know what the runes on the talismans are, and the audience hasn’t been told either. It’s meant to be a mystery.

Like the true story of the monsters, some things in From are supposed to elude us. This series is from the producers of Lost, after all.

However, the show’s fans are the puzzle-solving type, so they’ve made observations.

From talisman fan theories

One theory is that the talismans in From indicate the town used to be a place of worship.

An image of a rune in From, with red markings overlaid to outline the ascribed rune.
A fan outlined one of the rune’s components in red.

On Reddit, animperfectstranger posted a talisman and said, “The middle part is the Ingwaz rune, which is connected to the god Freyr, who is connected to fertility, prosperity, and good harvest.”

They noted that the Ingwaz rune doesn’t automatically correlate to Freyr, so take the theory with a pinch of salt.

They continued, “Connected to the Ingwaz rune, at its top and bottom, are what looks like the top half of stick figures, with their arms raised. I think that’s exactly what they are: they have their arms raised in worship. They are worshipping Freyr.

To the left and right of the rune are two semicircles that could symbolize a rising sun and a setting sun, or a sun and a moon.

Surrounding the middle part, we have eight symbols that resemble trees (or at least halves of trees) and made me think of the town itself (also surrounded by trees). I saw the talisman as an indication that the town used to be a place of worship.”

The post concluded that they could be warding runes. Part of the talisman certainly looks like the Ingwaz rune, or at least is visually based on it.

We’ll find out more about the talismans towards the end or they’ll be left a mystery. Either way, they’re some of the most important objects in the story.

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