Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments & Revered Spirit Ash explained

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree adds a new leveling system to help players tackle the dangers of Messmer’s land. Here’s how Shadow Realm Blessings work in the Elden Ring DLC.

As the Shadow Lands in the Elden Ring DLC are more dangerous than anywhere in the base game, Shadow of the Erdtree offers a new system to help buff players. This means that all Tarnished champions can approach the expansion from a more level playing field, so

This is done by utilizing Shadow Realm Blessings which come in two forms; Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes. These are designed to permanently buff the player and their Spirit Ash summons, but only when they’re in the Shadow Lands and not the Lands Between from the base game.

Those who’ve spent a long time grinding to a high level need not panic, they’ll still be powerful when exploring the DLC. The new leveling system won’t nerf existing players, but the Scadutree Fragments will be more useful to lower-level players.

elden ring shadow blessings
Shadow Blessings help players and Spirit Ash to become more powerful.

How do Scadutree Fragments work?

Each time the player finds two Scadutree Fragments, they’ll be able to take these to a Site of Grace and make use of their Shadow Blessing. The Scadutree Fragments boost the player’s stats while they’re in the Shadow Lands, making them stronger.

However, this buff will not apply should the player return to the Lands Between. Should the player return to the Shadow Lands though, the buff will return. These items are rare but are scattered all over the Shadow Lands and each time two are used, the player will become more powerful.

This allows lower-level players to be nearly as strong as higher-level players when exploring the DLC. However, the higher a player’s base level is, the more of an advantage they’ll retain. Just when in the Shadow Lands, the Scadutree Blessing is considered more important than the base level.

Those who find all the Scadutree Fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree will be considered max level, but they can still become more powerful by traditional leveling.

Revered Spirit Ashes

Revered Spirit Ashes work similarly to Scadutree Fragments, however, they only affect Spirit Summons.

Each time the player makes use of this Shadow Blessing at a Site of Grace, all of their Spirit Ashes will receive a permanent buff, making them much more effective allies in the Shadow Lands – where enemies and bosses are much tougher.

This is mostly to ensure that the player and the enemies in the DLC don’t out-level the Spirit Summons. So, builds that make use of Spirit Ash can continue to level their allies as they explore the new content.

This means that those who like to summon the Mimic Tear or Black Knife Tiche as a combat partner in the base game can continue to do so in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Remember, both Shadow Blessings only work in the Shadow Lands. Should you return to the Lands Between, your Spirit Summons will lose their DLC buff. Fortunately, it’ll be waiting for them again when the player returns to the expansion regions.

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