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Finn Wittrock reveals major change for American Horror Story Season 10

Published: 23/Nov/2020 13:00

by Daniel Megarry


Finn Wittrock has teased that the next season of American Horror Story will be different in a way “no other season has been” before.

With the ongoing global situation putting Season 10 of Ryan Murphy’s hit anthology series on hold until 2021, fans have been searching high and low for any details they can get about the show’s upcoming return.

While details may be thin on the ground right now, as information about the show tends to be kept under wraps until it premieres, star Finn Wittrock has offered up a juicy teaser about the way Season 10 will be different from previous seasons.


Finn Wittrock in Freak Show
Finn Wittrock will return in American Horror Story Season 10

What’s different in AHS Season 10?

In a new interview with fan page Finn Wittrock Source, the actor — who played killer Dandy Mott in Freak Show and vampire Tristan Duffy in Hotel — said Season 10 will have a unique structure that we’ve not seen before.

“I’m sworn to secrecy, or else I forfeit my firstborn child,” he joked. “However, I think I am allowed to tell you this: This season is structured in a way no other season has been. And yes it has something to do with sharp teeth.”

Arguably the most unusual structure so far in the world of American Horror Story is Roanoke, which was split into three sections: The first half was filmed in mockumentary style, the second half became a reality show, and a final episode parodied true crime and paranormal investigation shows.


As for Season 10, we’ll have to wait and see what the new structure turns out to be. It could be time jumps, or it could be that each episode is told from a different character’s point of view. Or maybe it’s something fans haven’t even thought of yet.

What do the “sharp teeth” mean?

Wittrock also made reference to “sharp teeth” in his interview, and fans who keep up to date with the show’s social media presence will know that this has been a recurring theme in the build-up to Season 10.

Creator Ryan Murphy shared an image of a set of razor-sharp teeth on Instagram in August, confirming that it was a “clue” to the Season 10 theme. An official poster released in November also featured an open mouth with sharp teeth.



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But what does it all mean? Well, it’s been rumored that the upcoming season could feature mermaids or sirens, and that would definitely fit with the mouth teaser, as the creatures are known for luring sailors to a grisly death with their voice.

Another theory is that the season will focus on extreme body modification or surgery, as Murphy ‘liked’ a comment on his Instagram post which speculated that the poster hints at “something to do with body mods”. Sounds like the perfect set-up for a horror-filled season to us.

We’re sure there’s going to be plenty more teasers in the coming months. In the meantime, you can find out everything we know about Season 10 of American Horror Story, including cast members and potential themes.