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American Horror Story Season 10 teaser drops some major hints

Published: 11/Nov/2020 13:28

by Daniel Megarry


Ryan Murphy has unveiled the first teaser poster for Season 10 of American Horror Story, and it’s got fans analyzing every little clue they can find.

2020 is the first year in a decade that we haven’t been blessed with a new season of FX’s hit anthology horror series, and its absence has definitely been felt. Like many other shows, Season 10 was delayed due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Thankfully, fans have been drip-fed little bits of information on casting and production dates over the last few months, and co-creator Ryan Murphy has now shared the first official poster for the upcoming season, suggesting production is definitely back on track.

Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story
Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will both return in American Horror Story Season 10

The creepy poster shows a wide-open mouth with teeth sharpened to a razor point. Next to it is a hand in blue gloves tattooing the words “AHS 10” on the individual’s tongue with a silver pen.

Interestingly, the image also brings back the screaming mouth with red lips, an image that’s become synonymous with the show. We’ve seen them in promotional material for a number of seasons including Freak Show, Coven, and Hotel.

What does the American Horror Story Season 10 poster tell us?

The most obvious hint in the poster is those sharp teeth, which Murphy previously said was a “clue” in a separate Instagram post.

It’s been rumored that the upcoming season could feature mermaids or sirens, and that would definitely fit with the mouth teaser, as the creatures are known for luring sailors to a grisly death with their voice.


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One fan on Twitter provided further speculation. “Tattoo pen on a tongue. Putting words in someone’s mouth? Sirens sing [so] maybe the needle represents their songs?” they wrote.

There could be another explanation for the tattoo, though. Murphy ‘liked’ a comment on his Instagram post which speculated that the poster hints at “something to do with body mods”.

Sure, a ‘like’ may not be 100% confirmation, but Murphy knows how much fans read into his posts. It must mean something. Besides, an exploration of the dark side of surgery and body modification sounds like a great setup for a horror-filled season.

Will Season 10 bring back past characters?

The poster does feel very reminiscent of Season 4, Freak Show, but fans hoping to see familiar faces or major links with previous seasons will be disappointed. Murphy quickly shut down speculation with a simple “nope” after one follower asked, “Do I smell another crossover?”

American Horror Story Season 10 and Freak Show posters
Fans have noticed similarities between posters for Season 10 and Freak Show

Finally, there’s the location tag on the Instagram post: Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is where the cast is expected to film, and could also be the setting of the season. It’s a seaside town, which certainly lends credibility to the sirens speculation.

We’re sure there’s going to be plenty more teasers in the coming months. In the meantime, you can find out everything we know about Season 10 of American Horror Story, including cast members and potential themes, right here.

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Zack Snyder shares Justice League trailer with new Darkseid scene

Published: 17/Nov/2020 16:12 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 16:15

by Daniel Megarry


A new trailer for Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League has been released, and it comes entirely in black and white.

November 17 marks three years since Justice League was released in cinemas. The movie was initially helmed by Zack Snyder, but Warner Bros. replaced him with director Joss Whedon, and it went on to receive mixed reviews from both critics and fans.

However, after the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement drew attention across social media, Snyder has been given the opportunity to release his original vision for the movie in four one-hour parts on streaming service HBO Max.

Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League: Snyder Cut trailer released

The original trailer for Snyder’s cut of Justice League was removed due to copyright complaints about the use of Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah. Now, a new version of the trailer with a “few tweaks” has been shared on Vero by Snyder himself.

You can watch the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is presented entirely in black and white, below. It’s largely the same as the trailer released at DC FanDome, but with some new scenes scattered in here and there – including a new shot of Darkseid.

New footage is being shot for the Snyder cut of Justice League, including scenes with Jared Leto’s Joker. Fans shouldn’t get too excited though. It was recently confirmed that only four to five minutes of the four-hour epic will be brand new footage.

While most of the primary cast is coming back for reshoots, one person who’s not returning is Henry Cavill. It’s assumed that Snyder is happy with the footage he already has of the Man of Steel, as he won’t be using anything that was shot with Whedon in charge.

While we wait for the movie’s release, you can catch up on everything we know about Zack Snyder’s Justice League – including plot and cast details – right here.