Fans think three more Young Sheldon spin-offs could be in the works

Jasmine Valentine
Iain Armitage in Young Sheldon

More more more is exactly what we want from the Sheldon-verse, and fans now think three more spin-offs to Young Sheldon could be a possibility.

Young Sheldon might be on its way out after Season 7, but that doesn’t mean the world around Sheldon Cooper is going to fizzle into thin air.

Plans for a spin-off about Georgie and Mandy Cooper have been confirmed, although fans haven’t been too impressed with its supposed multi-cam format.

However, this doesn’t mean the world of spin-offs ends there, with fans speculating that at least three more Young Sheldon shows could be in the works in the future.

Fans think three more Young Sheldon spin-offs could be in the works

According to Reddit fan theories, up to three more spin-offs to Young Sheldon could be in the works at some point in the future.

As fans will know, Young Sheldon itself begins in 1989, and is set to end in 1994 with Season 7. Main series The Big Bang Theory took place in its present day, spanning from 2007-2019.

This means that plenty of time in Sheldon’s life is unaccounted for – with the bridge between both shows garnering the most viewer interest. With this in mind, the unchartered time could be split into three parts: a prequel to Young Sheldon itself spanning 1980-1989, a series looking at how Sheldon got to TBBT from 1994-2007, and the already-rumored “Old Sheldon,” taking place between 2019-2043.

“There’s mainly two things, that I actually wanna see a spin-off from,” one Redditor commented. “Missy handling her four kids and hopefully being happy in life, and Young Mary. I really want this even though I have the feeling that it’s never gonna happen because no one is talking about it. But it would have a large potential: Seeing her in a whole different way, seeing the relationship between her and young George. And also the episode regarding baby Missy’s health issues could play out well.”

“It should following Raj post-TBBT and doing his character justice. Raj was done dirty for the most of TBBT,” another fan added. A third weighed in “Some people think it’s going to be related to Older Georgie or Older Missy. It could also be about Sheldon after the TBBT timeline is over.”

Speaking about a potential “Old Sheldon,” original actor Jim Parsons said back in 2022 [via The Independent] “At this point, hell no. In 30 years, maybe,” Parsons said. “You’ll have to ask me then. It’ll depend on how nice the beach is I’m living on. If it’s flooded away, I might come back.”

Currently there are no confirmed plans for spin-offs outside of the previously announced show.