Will there be an Elkhorn Season 2?

Trudie Graham
Elkhorn Season 1 poster.

With its debut season over, let’s look at whether there’s a future for the series and if there will be an Elkhorn Season 2.

Elkhorn Season 1 ended on June 13, 2024, with Episode 10 ‘A Man for All Seasons’. It was one of the top-rated episodes of the Western TV show so far and tackled Theodore Roosevelt’s plans to return to New York for the winter.

A lightning storm and brewing tension between old enemies cause more than a couple of problems though, not to mention a stampede during the roundup.

The new TV show is over… for now. Below are the latest updates, if any, on Elkhorn’s future?

Will Elkhorn Season 2 happen?

Elkhorn Season 2 hasn’t been announced, but actor Mason Beal – who plays Theodore Roosevelt – said he hopes it happens.

In a Conversations with the Stars Podcast interview, Beal said, “I’ve yet to receive official word. I know that people want to make another season.

“Has it been officially announced? No, but I don’t know. I was probably going to message them soon, be like, ‘Hey, how we feeling?’ So, hopefully, Season 2.”

Season 1 only wrapped in June, so it’ll likely be a few weeks before the network, INSP, makes a final decision.

How did Season 1 end?

The Elkhorn Season 1 ending had Theodore returning to New York to reunite with his daughter, leaving the ranch under Merrifield’s care for the winter.

When a lightning strike spooks the herd, an injured Theodore reacts quickly to stop a stampede during the fall roundup.

Back in town, the annual dance brings the community together, friend and foe alike. However, what should be a celebration turns sour when Paddock determines it’s time to settle old scores.

The dance is also Wilmot’s best opportunity to propose to Rosie, but her heart is pulled between life as his wife and a tempting future as Medora’s protégée.

With the ranch secured for winter under Merrifield’s watch, he returns to New York for his daughter.

Who could return?

As of right now, there’s no cast list due to there being no formal Elkhorn Season 2 plans yet.

Ashton Solecki in Elkhorn.

Mason Beal has said he wants Season 2 to happen, and we expect other main characters like Garrett Schulte’s Wilmot, Tori Griffith’s Rosie, and Matt Wiggins’ Merrifield to return.

Potential Elkhorn Season 2 cast:

  • Mason Beals as Theodore Roosevelt
  • Jeff DuJardin as Marquis de Morès
  • Ashton Solecki as Medora
  • Elijah Mahar as William Sewall
  • Garrett Schulte as Wilmot Dow
  • Matt Wiggins as William Merrifield
  • Tori Griffith as Rosie Maddox
  • Nate Timmerman as E.G. Paddock
  • Sam Schweikert as Arthur Packard
  • Travis Lee Eller as Joe Ferris

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