How long is Dune 2? Epic runtime explained

Chris Tilly
The heroes in the sands of Dune for Part Two.

Dune 2 is one of the most successful films of 2024. It’s also one of the longest, so here’s how that epic runtime compares with previous Dunes.

Dune: Part Two opened to rave reviews when it came out in March, and promptly dominated at the global box office. The movie made $46 million domestically in its second week, from 4,074 screens. That brings the movie’s gross to $157 million in the United States, while globally, Dune 2 has now earned a whopping $367 million.

But Dune: Part Two doesn’t just boast a gigantic box office draw — it’s also got one hell of a runtime. Bringing the second installment of an epic sci-fi adaptation to life is no small task, and Denis Villeneuve makes sure not to waste a single moment. (Check out our Dune: Part Two review for further thoughts.)

Here’s everything you need to know about Dune: Part Two’s runtime, including how that compares to other adaptations of Frank Herbert’s tale. And if you want to know when to pee during Dune: Part Two, we’ve got you covered there as well.

How long is Dune 2? Runtime explained

Dune Part Two is 2 hours and 47 minutes long, which equals a whopping 167 minutes.

That run time is in spite of the fact that director Denis Villeneuve split Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel into two parts. The first movie — Dune Part One — clocked in at 155 minutes.

This means that both films are longer than David Lynch’s 1984 effort to cram the entire book into one feature, with his movie tapping out at 137 minutes. Here’s the runtime of every Dune movie:

  • Dune (1984): 137 minutes
  • Dune Part One: 155 minutes
  • Dune Part Two: 167 minutes

Dune Part Two is also Denis Villeneuve’s longest film to date. Here’s how it compares with his previous US features:

  • Prisoners: 153 minutes
  • Enemy: 90 minutes
  • Sicario: 121 minutes
  • Arrival: 126 minutes
  • Blade Runner 2047: 163 minutes
  • Dune Part One: 155 minutes
  • Dune Part Two: 167 minutes

An interesting point of comparison is James Cameron’s aforementioned Avatar movies, the first of which was 162 minutes, while the sequel Avatar: The Way of Water was 192 minutes, meaning these sci-fi epics are definitely getting longer.

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