Joker 2 age rating revealed — and everyone’s surprised at one warning

Jasmine Valentine
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Joker 2’s age rating has finally been revealed — and fans have been left surprised by one warning in particular.

As one of the most-anticipated releases of the year, it’s not surprising that everyone is clamoring for details about Joker 2. Starring Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, the villain’s supposed movie musical — that might actually not be a musical at all — has been rife with speculation rather than answers.

However, the movie’s age rating has now been released, with the R rating leaving fans surprised over its alleged use of “sexuality” and “full nudity.”

“Holy shit we get to see Jokers c*ck,” one fan posted on X/Twitter, with a second following up: “Brief full nudity?? Gaga nude scene??”

“The body count with these two together will triple from the first,” a third weighed in.

The MPA is also giving an R rating to Joker due to its violence and strong language — which, given the nature of the original film, isn’t as much of a surprise.

Though the age rating offers a little more direction, not much else is known about Joker 2’s plot.

Its full title, Folie à Deux, roughly translates to “delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association.” This means we could expect Joker 2 to follow Harley Quinn and Arthur Fleck on a love-infused downward spiral.

There are also questions remaining over whether the movie is actually a musical, with statements revising original remarks to make the Joker sequel “a film with musical sequences.”

“If leaks are true and they go for a musical setting then a R rating for Joker 2 is a bold move, box office-wise,” one fan stated.

“And lots of jukebox classics. This movie sounds so weird on paper that it shouldn’t work at all. But I still hope it does,” a fifth fan summed up.

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