Deadpool 3 actor confirms movie has begun filming amid Writers’ Strike

Eleni Thomas
Deadpool 3

While many TV shows and movies have put a halt to production amid the Writers Strike going on, Deadpool 3 seems to be full steam ahead in it’s development process according to a post one actor from the movie made on Instagram.

Hit TV shows such as Stranger Things, Yellowjackets and Severance have all confirmed that they have put a stop to production in order to show support for the Writers Strike currently underway.

As first spotted by Comicbook, Deadpool 3 star Stefan Kapičić confirmed that the third film is still going ahead with production via Instagram. The actor shared an image of news that production was underway and added a sticker that stated “confirmed” on the post. 

Given the delays to the creation of the movie, it is no surprise that the team involved is full steam ahead with getting Deadpool 3 up and running. The movie will bring back Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, with Hugh Jackman confirmed the be back as Wolverine for the final time in his career.

Deadpool 3 body
Deadpool 3 will see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine one last time

Furthermore, the reason for production continuing on Deadpool 3 could be because the script has already been written. Therefore, the writers are not required on set. According to Collider, Deadpool 3 writers included in their contracts that their script must be followed and that actors cannot deviate.

Deadpool 3 production still going ahead amid Writers’ Strike

Meaning that the likes of Reynolds and Jackman may have less wiggle room when it comes to improvising or coming up with new lines on the spot.

However, not all TV shows and movies have held off on production during the current strike. The likes of HBO’s House of the Dragon still going ahead with production for season 2.

Deadpool 3 is set to release on November 8, 2024.

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