Deadpool 3 rumored to feature Wolverine that isn’t Hugh Jackman

Jessica Cullen
Deadpool & Wolverine trailerMarvel/Disney

Fans have been aware of Deadpool and Wolverine’s oncoming team-up for a while now, but Deadpool 3 may just bring us another variant of the mutant icon, and he probably won’t be played by Hugh Jackman.

When it comes to upcoming Marvel releases, Deadpool 3 is on everyone’s radar. After all, it’s not everyday that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine pairs up with another anti-hero in the Marvel universe. Especially someone as over-the-top as Wade Wilson.

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But at long last, the Deadpool 3 trailer finally dropped on February 11, giving us us our first real look at this superhero team-up of epic proportions. From Wade’s questionable wig to the TVA reveal, there’s a lot to unpack.

Of course, the trailer didn’t give everything away — it didn’t even fully reveal Jackman’s Wolverine in all his blue-and-yellow glory. But it did give us a glimpse of what could potentially be another version of Wolverine altogether.

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Deadpool 3 might include other Wolverines that aren’t Hugh Jackman

According to one theory (from @MyTimeToShineH on X), the trailer gives a sneak peak of what could be Patch, a Wolverine variant from the comics.

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The Deadpool 3 trailer only shows the back of him, but the silhouette of the figure sitting at table sure doesn’t look like Jackman. Still, he’s got that classic Wolverine hair, so it’s safe to assume that it’s some variation of Logan. …And all the clues point to Patch.

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Patch is Logan’s alter-ego, in which he does little more than puts on an eye-patch to avoid recognition. (This doesn’t work on everyone, obviously.) He first comes up with the moniker when he travels to Madripoor, a corrupt Asian island. In the comics, Patch wears a white tuxedo, similar to the one in the trailer.

The theory also suggests that a different actor will play Patch in Deadpool 3. Marvel hasn’t released the full cast list for the upcoming movie, so there’s sure to be some celebrity cameos and unexpected faces. Will Patch be played by a major Hollywood star, perhaps in the same vein as Brad Pitt’s brief stint in Deadpool 2?

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Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: if Patch is a sign of some wild variant-hopping in the Marvel universe, then nothing’s off the table.

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