Ctrl+Alt+Desire: Where is Grant Amato now?

Daisy Phillipson
Grant Amato trial footage shown in Ctrl+Alt+Desire

The disturbing case of Grant Amato is the focus of the new Paramount Plus documentary series Ctrl+Alt+Desire. Amid its release, here’s everything you need to know about where he is now. 

It’s a good month to be a true crime fan right now. As well as What Jennifer Did, the Netflix doc on Jennifer Pan, this weekend marks the premiere of The Jinx Season 2, the follow-up to one of the best documentaries of all time. 

Though Netflix and HBO lead the charge in the streaming world, Paramount Plus continues to back some compelling titles, from Born in Synanon to Cybersleuths: The Idaho Murders.

Now, the streaming service is releasing a docuseries on the sinister crimes of Grant Amato, whose descent into the world of camming led him down a dark and deadly path. But where, exactly, is he now? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Where is Grant Amato now?

Now age 34, Grant Amato is currently serving life in prison without parole sentence at the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Florida for the triple-murder of his parents Chad and Margaret, and his brother Cody. 

Grant narrowly escaped the death penalty, with the jury deciding on life behind bars instead. Ctrl+Alt+Desire gets unrivaled access to Grant and his state of mind, with filmmaker Colin Archdeacon spending four years researching the case and interviewing him from prison.

The docuseries delves into his life in the run-up to the familicide. Both Grant and Cody were studying in the medical field, but while the latter graduated and found success, Grant dropped out and struggled to find work as a nurse. 

When he did, he was soon fired after it was discovered he’d been drugging patients with propofol to make them easier to handle. Grant’s life took a downward spiral, and he began retreating from his family and spending most of his days online. 

During a failed attempt to become a Twitch streamer, he was introduced to the world of cam-girling, growing attached to one model in particular named Silviya Ventsislavova. As he spent more and more money on her, he started to believe they were building a real relationship. 

Silviya Ventsislavova shown in Ctrl+Alt+Desire
Grant became addicted to spending money on Silvie

To maintain this lifestyle, he stole from Chad and Cody, spending an estimated $200,000 on Silvie. When his parents found out, they sent him to rehab for porn and internet addiction, costing them a further $15,000. 

Upon his return home, he had to follow strict rules, the key being to never contact Silvie again. Just a few weeks later, Margaret, Chad, and Cody were found shot dead in their Seminole County home. 

Throughout the trial, Grant maintained his innocence. But in Ctrl+Alt+Desire, after his appeal is dismissed, he finally confesses to committing the murders while speaking with Colin. 

Grant is still “simping” from behind bars, having found a new target of his affection: a cam model who goes by the alias “Mary”. The docuseries shows a number of his video messages to Mary, including one in which he describes her as his “edge queen.”

Ultimately, what becomes clear throughout the series is that Grant is still living in his delusions, and still attempting to manipulate the narrative. 

When Colin confronts him about the murder of his family, a huge smile breaks out across his face. Grant then claims that he “is remorseful,” adding, “I wish I’d never done this. I wish I could go back in time and have my family back.” 

Photo of the Amato family shown in Ctrl+Alt+Desire
Grant killed his mother, father, and brother

But others aren’t so convinced. As said by Michael Williams, Reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, “It’s a story of a very selfish, manipulative man kind of getting what he wants in the attention.”

Ctrl+Alt+Desire is available to stream on Paramount Plus now. For more true crime, check out all of the new documentaries heading to streaming this month.

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