Bleach: The true meaning behind Gin’s final words

An image of Gin Ichimaru shortly before his deathCrunchyroll

Gin’s final words are a famous quote from Bleach that seemingly asks a question from Rangiku Matsumoto. On the surface, it seems like a standard question, but it actually isn’t.

Bleach is a Shonen classic with several iconic characters. The series never shies away from killing them for the story’s development. Among such characters is Gin Ichimaru, a former Captain of Squad Three. Perceived as a villain for many years, Gin reveals his true motives shortly before his tragic death.

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As Aizen slashes him, he thinks to himself, “If tomorrow, you were to turn into a snake, and you began devouring humans, and with that same mouth, you said you loved me, would I still be able to say I love you, the same way as I do today?”

This is one of Gin’s most famous quotes. At first glance, it may seem like those words are meant for Rangiku. However, there is a much deeper meaning behind those words. This is why he thinks these words to himself at the moment of his death. These words portray what Gin truly feels about himself.

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How does Gin die in Bleach?


Gin betrays the Soul Society and leaves for Hueco Mundo with Souske Aizen and Kaname Tosen. His character is very difficult to read, but his narrow eyes and sarcastic tone make him resemble a snake. When the truth about him working for Sosuke Aizen is revealed in the Soul Society Arc, it doesn’t come as much of a shock to fans.

Gin has every bit of quality an antagonist should have. The series drops hints of him being good every now and then. However, those hints are too subtle for someone to notice. Gin finally reveals his true Bankai in the ‘Arrancar: Downfall Arc.’ He attacks Aizen with it, and then the truth behind his actions are more clear.

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As it turns out, he only joins the Soul Society to get close to Aizen and get revenge on Rangiku’s behalf. Gin and Rangiku are childhood friends, and one day, he sees Aizen stealing a fragment of Rangiku’s soul to create the Hogyoku.

Gin then dedicates his entire life to getting Rangiku back what Aizen stole from her, only to end up leaving her behind forever.

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What do Gin’s Final words truly mean?

An image of Gin threatening Rangiku in BleachCrunchyroll

Gin is a truly tragic character who lives for decades, if not centuries, by deceiving even the one closest to him. To achieve his goal, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He has done many unforgivable things to keep up with his pretense of being evil. That said, he himself knows that he isn’t a kind person like Rangiku.

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Because of his past, he truly does hate the Soul Reapers; therefore, he voluntarily breaks Rukia’s spirit before the execution. He knows that giving her hope to live and then taking it away doesn’t help anything with Aizen’s plans, but he does that anyway. In Gin’s final words, he expresses his innermost thoughts about how he truly feels about himself.

Even though he seemingly asks a question to Rangiku, he doesn’t voice that out and keeps those words to himself. Even till the end, Gin never talks properly with Rangiku in hopes of helping her move on easily from him. His words represent his self-reflection as the pain he causes to others over the years is more clear moments before his death.

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Tite Kubo portrays Gin as a snake that devours humans. In his final words, he swaps the roles and asks himself whether he would be able to love Rangiku if she was the one to become this snake. But in reality, he is asking himself if he deserves her love after all the things he did.

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