Black Mirror: You can sign up for Streamberry now

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
streamberry black mirror

Black Mirror features its very own streaming service, titled Streamberry, and now you too can sign up for it.

It’s been almost five years since we last got a batch of Black Mirror on Netflix. The fifth series, while perhaps not as universally loved as earlier seasons, still left audiences wanting more of its dystopian sci-fi stories.

So with Season 6 of the anthology now here, many fans are hyped to watch the new episodes. But while its expected that you watch the episodes of Netflix, turns out that Black Mirror may have another streaming site in mind.

Streamberry, the fictional site created by the show, is now here, and fans are able to sign up for it themselves. But how?

Black Mirror makes a new streaming site

If you’ve watched the new series of Black Mirror, especially the episode Joan is Awful and Loch Henry, then you may be familiar with Streamberry, the fictional streaming website that is very evocative of Netflix, where Black Mirror resides. You can even see the logo and site appear at the beginning of the trailer for Season 6:

Now, as part of marketing the new season of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series, Netflix is inviting fans to sign up for Streamberry, urging people to “Join the Streamberry family.”

Black Mirror’s official Twitter page has also advertised the service, saying “Sign up for Streamberry today!”

Now don’t worry, Streamberry isn’t replacing Netflix, despite their similarity in iconography. But it does let you get in on the “fun” that Joan experiences in the episode Joan is Awful.

How can I sign up for Streamberry?

If you click on the Streamberry link that Black Mirror’s Twitter account has posted, you will be sent to a site called There, it will ask you for your name, and a photo of you, and with this information it will tailor you your very own Streamberry show.

Ultimately, if you head to the site, you will be able to create your very own “____ is Awful” show. This follows the concept of Joan is Awful, as it follows a woman who sees the exact events of her life being replicated by the streaming platform – and being performed by Salma Hayek, no less.

We won’t spoil the full episode here, but this new marketing tactic by Netflix actually ties into the climax of the whole plot.

streamberry black mirror
Joan is Awful introduces us to Streamberry and its content.

Granted, the episode doesn’t put Streamberry in a very good light. So we’d advise you to make sure you read the site’s terms and conditions, as not doing so ends up pretty bad for Joan.

Joan is Awful even had viewers wondering if they ought to be wary of their Netflix subscriptions, although a streaming website stealing everyone’s likeness sounds a little implausible. But maybe not, if it’s on Black Mirror.

As for where else Streamberry appears, Loch Henry also features the streaming site, as it explores the perils of the recent true crime craze.

But disregarding whether or not signing up for Streamberry is a safe thing to do, ultimately this is a clever way to drum up hype for the new season.

Black Mirror Season 6 is now available to view in full on Netflix. Check out our other Black Mirror coverage below: