Baby Reindeer fans come up with “crazy” idea for Season 2

Daisy Phillipson
Richard Gadd as Donny in Baby Reindeer

Though Richard Gadd isn’t planning on making Baby Reindeer Season 2, fans have come up with a “crazy” idea for a second chapter after the Fiona Harvey controversy. 

Baby Reindeer became a global sensation when it arrived on Netflix in April, but in recent weeks, the woman accused of being Gadd’s real-life stalker has been dominating the chat after she appeared on Piers Morgan’s chat show, Uncensored. 

Now, Harvey has claimed she’s planning on suing Gadd and Netflix over the portrayal of Martha’s (Jessica Gunning) conviction, while also seeking a $1.25 million payment from Morgan

Harvey has also been accused of sending UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer 276 abusive emails in the space of eight months, signing all of them off with “Sent from my iPhone” in a similar manner to Martha’s messages in Baby Reindeer

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the Netflix series and Harvey going public, some fans believe this could be ripe for exploration in a second season. 

Taking to X/Twitter, one wrote, “I’m not sure if she understands this but if Fiona Harvey actually sues Richard Gadd then Baby Reindeer Season 2 will write itself.”

Another said, “Fiona Harvey aka Martha from Baby Reindeer has put 100s of posts in the last 24 hours on Facebook… this is turning into Season 2 of #BabyReindeer.”

Over on Reddit, a third added, “Season 2’s gonna be crazy bananas meta.” And a fourth chimed in, “Imagine a Season 2 that follows the lawsuit and irl implications of a Baby Reindeer show being made in the show, bringing us full circle to a Black Mirror episode.”

Similar sentiments have been shared under the post accusing Harvey of sending threatening emails to Starmer, which includes screenshots of messages in which he’s called a “stupid little boy” and told: “Your life won’t be worth living.”

“Baby Reindeer Season 2 incoming,” said one, while another wrote, “@NetflixUK a second season perhaps?”

Fiona Harvey's alleged emails to Keir Starmer
Harvey has been accused of sending a barrage of messages to Starmer

Some suggested we’re quite literally living the second chapter, including this person who quipped, “We are living in Season 2 of Baby Reindeer.”

A second chimed in, “The way we’re seeing Baby Reindeer Season 2 unfold in real time makes my stomach turn.”

Let it be known that Gadd has no plans to make a follow-up to Baby Reindeer, which is billed as a limited series. He’s also said he will “never comment again” on the real-life identities of the characters. 

Instead, Gadd is working on a new six-part BBC series with the working title Lions, centering on the relationship between Niall and his estranged “brother” Ruben.

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