Baby Reindeer: Fiona Harvey promises legal battle will be “highest profile case of the century”

Jasmine Valentine
Fiona Harvey on Piers Morgan's Uncensored

After confirming her plans to sue over Baby Reindeer, Fiona Harvey has now promised her legal battle will be the “highest profile case of the century.”

Fiona Harvey has been embroiled in the Baby Reindeer debate since she was accused by fans of the show of being the “real-life Martha” who inspired Richard Gadd’s true story.

This resulted in her now-viral interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored in order to “set the record straight,” confirming she was planning to sue both Netflix and Gadd for defamation. Now, Harvey is promising that the legal battle will go down in history.

A Facebook post made by Baby Reindeer's Fiona Harvey

In a Facebook post, Harvey wrote “Gadd, Netflix, silly people. Fight in court will be the high-profile case of the century.”

She also promised that more legal updates will be “coming soon,” adding, “I am suing Netflix for 11 million pounds. For defamation, misinformation, and personal damages inflicted. Netflix and Gadd both made serious false allegations on film and in Parliament.”

This comes after the news that John Nicolson, a Scottish National Party MP and spokesperson for digital, culture, media, and sport in the House of Commons, had shared a letter addressed to Benjamin King, senior director of public policy for Netflix

In the letter, Nicolson writes, “Journalists have thus far been unable to find a record of the conviction to which you referred. Can you provide me with the evidence for this serious claim which you made to me at the Select Committee?”

As discussed in Morgan’s interview, there is currently no public evidence to suggest that Harvey was ever convicted of an offense, whereas Baby Reindeer’s Martha is seen being imprisoned after leaving Donny (played by Gadd) a threatening voicemail.

Since the interview, more articles about Harvey — under the name Fiona Muir — have been published, relating to reports originally made between 2000-2004 which accused her of enacting a “hate campaign” against Scottish MP Jimmy Wray.

Harvey denies these allegations, alongside having ever stalked Gadd in any capacity.

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