Woman’s horror dating story with “finance bro” goes viral as it highlights generational differences

Alice Sjöberg
TikToker documents going on first date

TikTok creator Molly Rutter documented her experience going on her first date in a new city. However, things didn’t go to plan as the Gen-Z “finance bro” ghosted her, resulting in a new viral video about the whole ordeal.

Molly Rutter brought her TikTok viewers on the journey of going on her first date since moving to Buffalo, New York, as none of it unfolded how she’d expected. With over 3.5 million views, she shared how the “finance bro” date had ghosted her at the last minute.

“I think I have a date tomorrow, my first date in Buffalo,” Molly started the video. “Homeboy is gonna help me do my taxes, and we’re gonna get some beer. Okay, sounds fun.”

However, the video then cuts to Molly one day later as she told the camera that her date had “ghosted” her. She explained that they had planned “to meet up at 5 or 6pm when I was done with my nap” but that he hadn’t texted her since 3pm.

Molly expressed how she was “genuinely excited about this date” and was disappointed because it would’ve been her “first date in a while”.


“I hate dating in this generation,” she said. “You know, maybe it was my mistake because he was very young. I’m 32 years old, he was 23 and he did a very 23-year-old thing. And, to be fair though, anyone who’s even my age or older could still do the exact same thing.”

The TikToker then updated her followers that her date had accidentally fallen asleep. Since Molly had made other plans with her friend, she invited the date to join her at a bar later that evening.

“Originally, he was going to help me do my taxes – he’s a finance bro – but I realized I’m just going to file an extension,” she told the camera. “If this works out with him, maybe he can help me with my finances.”

She revealed that she wasn’t feeling nervous about the date, though later wrote over the clip that perhaps her “body knew he was gonna bail and saved me from any extra emotions attached to it”.

After arriving at the bar, she informed her followers that her date was running late.

“I tried to call him and it went straight to voicemail, so he’s probably dead, right?” she joked. Ultimately, Rutter figured that her date had ghosted her again, just “minutes before we were supposed to see each other”.

“How hard is it to send that kind of text?” Molly asked. “Unbelievable.

“It’s just frustrating because this occupied a lot of space in my brain today and I think that’s what really affects me, is that this occupied time and mental space for me and I hate when that is wasted on people who don’t deserve it.”

In response to Molly’s experience, many commenters were less forgiving over Molly being “ghosted” by the “finance bro”, and largely blamed her dating nightmare on their generational differences.

“Girl he’s in a different generation,” one person commented, while another user replied: “Which is why the communication is so off.”

Molly also commented on the way the ‘finance bro’ spoke in his messages, saying he often referred to her as “love” and “ma’am” while also making self-deprecating jokes when giving her compliments, which Molly argued made him seem even younger.

While Gen Z has created their own slang language, the generation is also known for relying on self-deprecating humor, also known as Gen-Z humor, which Molly said was a big turn-off for her.

While these might not seem like big things, they can make the age gap between two people seem bigger than before, which might be why Molly, like many in the comments, had problems with a Millennial dating a Gen Z person. Time will only tell what will happen when “robotic” Gen Alpha gets old enough to join the dating scene.

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