Hell breaks loose on plane as woman’s meltdown leads to “demonic possession” claims

woman's viral flight meltdownX/MikeSington

A woman’s meltdown on a Frontier Airlines flight is going viral after another passenger began shouting about how she had been “possessed.”

Plane freakouts have been exploding all over social media for quite some time now, but this could be the first time that the devil is being blamed for one.

In a clip spread across X and other platforms, a woman began screaming on a flight, leading other passengers to get into a war of words about how to proceed, all while staff stood there seemingly overwhelmed by the situation.

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Despite an intercom announcement demanding everyone take their seats, another passenger used this moment to spread the word of God, proclaiming that the woman was the victim of “demonic possession.”

Passenger accuses woman of being “possessed” after mid-flight meltdown

While most of the other passengers had sat down following the instruction, one passenger remained standing. She began alleging that the woman who caused the disturbance had been taken over by a demonic force and how there is “real devil” that wants to kill everyone.

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“That’s not her, she’s possessed! She needs help!” she cried before discussing Jesus.

Despite her best efforts, however, the frantic flight continued with more screaming and fighting with the original woman demanding people “let go” of her.

TMZ reports that the flight, which was traveling from Houston to Denver had to stop in Dallas due to the commotion. Eventually, the clip, uploaded by NBC Senior Executive Mike Sington transitions to a police officer speaking with a passenger and eventually removing the woman.

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It’s not known what was wrong with the woman or if any arrests were made, but this is just the latest in a long list of mid-flight incidents to go viral in 2023 with this clip receiving nearly 20M views so far.

The most well-known encounter happened on an American Airlines flight when a woman, later identified as Tiffany Gomas, began yelling about someone not being real. The viral clip spawned countless memes with Gomas eventually becoming an influencer seemingly overnight, with even SNL parodying her outburst.

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