Drunk passenger gets kicked off plane after having a meltdown

Drunk woman having a meltdown and screaming at a passengerTIKTOK: amandagrasham

A viral TikTok showed an intoxicated woman having a meltdown and berating other passengers on a plane, delaying the flight.

In a one-minute clip with 2.8 million views, passengers on board a plane for Las Vegas scolded the traveler after she refused to leave for disorderly conduct.

TikToker Amanda Grasham, who shared the viral video, claimed that the woman was “visibly intoxicated” and was “acting aggressively to staff” before she was asked to exit the flight.

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“Y’all can’t even tell me what I did,” the drunk woman could be seen screaming at other passengers. “Who did I offend?” she then asked, before walking up and down the aisle of the aircraft.

Drunk passenger has a meltdown and gets kicked off plane

“Everybody!” one passenger yelled back, before several others chimed in. However, she ignored the frustrated fliers, and refused to disembark from the plane despite their pleas.

“You’re keeping up everybody. Please leave!” another passenger said. “You’re out your motherf**king mind!” one man yelled, getting up from his seat to scold the rowdy woman.

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According to the content creator, the drunk passenger was eventually escorted off the plane by cops. “She didn’t go quietly though,” she told Newsflare. “She had to be physically removed by three members of the airport police.”

TikTok users in the comments were in hysterics over the incident. “She walking around like a drill sergeant,” one person joked. “Not her walking down the hallway like a teacher to hear answers of how she offended everyone,” another wrote.

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Many viewers loved the man who stood up to scold the intoxicated traveler. “Blazer dude is a vibe,” one wrote. “Love that guy!” another said. “Uncle went straight Samuel L Jackson mode,” a third quipped.

This is just the latest flight-related fiasco to take over TikTok after passengers voted to kick an unruly woman off a plane mid-flight.

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