Who is Andrew Tate and why has he gone viral on TikTok and Twitch?

Jessica Filby
Andrew Tate speaking in an interview

Andrew Tate has continued to go viral on both TikTok and Twitch for many reasons, but who is Andrew Tate and why is he viral?

TikTok and Twitch are home to a variety of trends, lovable creators, and viral videos. However, one man seems to have made viral videos that will last a lifetime, which has only boosted his fame to new heights.

Andrew Tate is surfacing across social media and continues to be a name many instantly recognize. Despite knowing his name, many end up wondering who he really is and why he’s famous. Here’s everything you need to know about him and why he’s suddenly gone viral.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate in an interview
Andrew Tate is a self-proclaimed hustler but an undeniable money maker.

Andrew Tate is a self-proclaimed hustler who has a successful history in the Kickboxing industry. He is an incredibly rich man who promotes his luxurious lifestyle and success as an entrepreneur in Romania.

He began his journey to fame as a Kickboxing champion, something he later gave up to pursue other career paths in order to pay off debts. Such careers involved his position operating a cam girl business which quickly made him particularly rich. This money and his online presence placed him in the watchful eye of the Big Brother TV show in which he was removed due to a video showing assault against a woman.

Following on through his life, Andrew Tate has never been afraid to give his opinion. These statements and ideas have sparked controversy throughout both TikTok and Twitch. Especially after clips of recent conversations with streamer Adin Ross went live.

Viral Through TikTok

Andrew Tate talking in an interview
Andrew Tates controversial comments made him famous on TikTok.

Everywhere you look on TikTok’s for you page Andrew Tate is bound to show up. One-minute clips of him giving his opinion on videos or statements from the personality interviewing him have brought a considerable amount of attention.

This is primarily due to the controversial nature of these opinions and arguments that typically ensue in the comment sections. He may not be everyone’s favorite person but even bad publicity is still publicity.

Viral through Hustlers University

The Hustlers university front page
Hustlers University is a course for those who want to get rich quickly.

In a short description, Hustlers University is an online course that promotes getting people rich through entrepreneurial schemes. Although the members, of which there is a steadily increasing number of around 90,000, have to pay per month to stay in the course.

With a net worth of $30 million and him often stating he’s a trillionaire, it’s easy to see how he got a following for his Hustlers University. Such promotions and interviews regarding this are what make him such a unique and intriguing man.

Viral Through Twitch

Andrew Tate talking to Adin and xQc
Heated debates sparked between Andrew Tate and xQc in Adins stream.

In a recent stream hosted by Adin Ross and starring xQc, Andrew Tate was invited to settle a few debates that had been highlighted in the previous stream with just Adin Ross and Andrew Tate.

Viewers were able to watch an occasionally heated debate between the two, which seemed to be followed by a vast amount of support for Tate from commenters and viewers. Both streams seemed to hold Andrew Tate as cool, calm and collected while explaining his points well, even if many will disagree.

This and many other streams have received millions of views and are likely to begin appearing on TikTok, only strengthening his viral status on the social media platform. Andrew Tate is a man unlike any other, for better or for worse. Be sure to check out our hub for more TikTok and Twitch news.

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