Ludwig criticizes Adin Ross for ‘going along’ with controversial Andrew Tate comments

Emma Hill
Ludwig streaming on Mogul Mail and Adin Ross Instagram pictureYouTube: Mogul Mail/ Instagram: Adin Ross

Popular YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has hit out at Twitch streamer Adin Ross for not ‘pushing back’ against some of the highly controversial comments made by Andrew Tate during his Twitch stream.

Internet personality Andrew Tate is no stranger to controversy. The kickboxing champion has regularly found himself in hot water over his comments, particularly with regards to his beliefs about women.

Tate, once again, sparked outrage after appearing on Adin Ross‘ Twitch stream on July 11. As well as various other debatable claims, Tate denied accusations that he is a “misogynist” but rather a “realist” and repeated his view that “on average, females are not as good at driving as men.”

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Although Ross did provide some statistical evidence to prove otherwise, fellow streamer Ludwig believes he could have done more throughout the interview to argue against Tate’s claims.

Andrew Tate at the gymInstagram: Andrew Tate
After announcing Andrew Tate as his upcoming guest, Adin Ross faced backlash from fans calling on him to cancel the interview with the controversial figure.

Ludwig hits out at Andrew Tate over Adin Ross stream

On July 19, Ludwig shared his thoughts over Ross’ interview with Tate via his YouTube channel Mogul Mail. While he was highly critical of the “GTA NPC that is Tate”, he also stated Ross did little to dispute Tate’s “gross” claims.

“There was kind of a problem with [that stream],” declared Ludwig. “Adin Ross said yes to every single thing Andrew Tate was spitting out, even the sexist sh*t.”

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He added that due to Tate’s personality and “charismatically told funny stories” it led to him proving to be a hit among Ross’ viewers. However, it also allowed him to drop “a few little sexist remarks” without any backlash from Ross’ fans.

Although, Ludwig stated that he understood why Ross didn’t “push back” against Tate given how he was “probably too busy staring at the viewership number.” He then shared how the stream went on to pull in a whopping 266k concurrent viewers at its peak.

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Ludwig claimed that the majority of Tate’s comments were just “stupid, stupid sh*t.” Yet, he warned that it was a “problem too” as he “takes advantage” of his dedicated fanbase.

Ludwig is just the latest name to be added to the long list of streamers who have slammed Tate for his ‘misogynistic’ comments and it’s likely he won’t be the last.

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