What is TikTok’s ‘one million beers’ trend? Users recreate viral video

Molly Byrne
one million beers TikTok trend

Users have recreated the comical video after a handsome TikToker went viral for jokingly ordering one million beers at an open bar.

Summer trends have officially taken over TikTok. Whether users are asking others to “match my freak” or revealing themselves on a “deeper level,” trends just keep going viral.

In one of the latest fads, ‘zackenyon’ went viral for just liking beer, gaining over 3M views and many new stans.

After he shared a video of himself dressed to the nines, with the handsome filter and a text overlay that read, “Open bar you say? Yea, I’ll have 1 million beers,” the ‘one million beers’ trend took off.

While many viewers left their jokes in the comments of Kenny’s video, saying they’d also be having ‘one million beers,’ others recreated their own video.

The only components a TikToker needs for the trend are the handsome filter, an affinity for a malt beverage, and a whole lot of steez.

Though users subsequently order beer in their videos, most TikTokers don’t even film at a bar, as they aren’t actually asking a bartender for that much beer. 

In a viral ‘one million beers’ TikTok, ‘yeehawbrotherrrrr’ and his friends upped the ante by requesting “3 million beers” during an outdoor grill session with their crew.

“Hey, can I get two more burgers?” asked a friend. “Did you just ask for two million beers?” responded the TikToker.

“Make it three million,” the friend said,” while the user replied, “Coming right up.”

TikToker ‘tristanzarella’ also shared his viral rendition of the trend, pretending to be a bartender and having his two friends order 1M beers. Of course, the handsome filter was in full effect.

Viewers of the viral trend have found it hilarious and have enjoyed getting in on the male-driven action in the comments. “5 beers, and 5… more beers,” wrote one viewer. “1 million more please,” agreed another.