What is TikTok’s ‘match my freak’ trend? Users go viral sharing their weird habits

Molly Byrne
tiktok's match my freak trend

The ‘match my freak’ TikTok trend has posters sharing the awkward activities they do alone when, in reality, they’d like to have company while doing their random habits.

In June, the ‘match my freak’ TikTok trend went viral. To take part in the trend, content creators ask their followers if “somebody is gonna match my freak.”

Then, they explain the oddball activities that they usually do alone but would rather have company with while doing.

In the background of the viral videos, TikTokers use Tinashe’s song ‘Nasty’ with the lyrics, “Is somebody gonna match my freak” playing.

Love Island USA Season 6 host Ariana Madix posted her take on the trend on June 12, just one day after the season’s premiere.

In her video, she could be seen lying down in her golden gown while on set for Peacock’s hit series. She then asked if anyone would match her freak and “Order pad Thai and sit in silence while dissecting 50+ episodes of Love Island, a/c blasting under big blankets.”

In another rendition of the ‘match my freak’ trend, TikToker ‘christines_snaps’ shared with her 6M followers what she’d like to do with someone of interest.

“Ordering coffee then taking 7 hours to drink it,” she wrote as she could be seen dancing with a half-full iced coffee.

And when Love on the Spectrum US star Connor Tomlinson posted his take on the trend, he gained over 12M views in just three days.

In order to match his freak, Connor asked if “randomly switching into a British accent mid-conversation” would be of interest to anyone.

While the ‘match my freak’ TikTok trend has posters getting creative with initiating conversation-starters between them and someone who might also enjoy the same things as them, TikTok’s ‘I remember when I lost my mind’ trend also has posters sharing the awkward things they’ve done to gain attention from someone they might like.