What is TikTok’s 80’s dance challenge? Parents go viral showing off their best moves

Molly Byrne
'80s dance challenge tiktok

Baby boomers and Gen X parents are breaking it down in TikTok’s 80’s dance challenge, and people are loving every second of it.

Seldom are TikTok users able to scroll through their feeds without seeing some sort of dance trend. Whether it be people getting sturdy to popular drill rap, or users mocking Drake’s speculated Brazilian butt lift by dancing to the ‘BBL Drizzy’ track, there’s always a dance trend ready to take the platform by storm.

This May is no different when it comes to TikTok’s viral dances. As of late, users are asking their parents to show their best moves to the tune of Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat and calling it the 80’s dance challenge.

The trend sees baby boomers and Gen X men and women break it down to the popular 1984 song, as the synth-pop track would have been one they danced to when they were younger.

One parent went so viral, her dance boasted over 26M views. “I asked my mom how she would dance to this [song] in the 80s,” the TikTok user explained. Her mom then started swaying back and forth, recreating similar moves seen in the 1985 movie, Breakfast Club.

Viewers were impressed, as many agreed that she nailed her dance. “She definitely knew how to have fun back then,” one TikToker shared. “She time traveled the moment she heard the beat,” added another.

Another TikToker told their loved one to “dance like it’s the 80s,” and received over 9M views. Viewers fell for the woman’s dance instantly, as she grooved with a smile on her face.

“The absolute JOY on her face when she started dancing,” said one. “She did not have to bless my FYP like this but she did,” added another.

While each participant of the 80’s dance challenge was crowned the best in their comments, there was one gentleman viewers just couldn’t get over, as his muscle memory seemed to have kicked in mid-dance.

“It’s like riding a bike. A bit wobbly at first but then…” joked one. “He had to recall that muscle memory lol,” agreed another.

The 80’s dance challenge has received so many views, that some TikTokers are putting it among their favorite trends, as they have enjoyed seeing the older generation get back into the groove.

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