TikToker quits McDonald’s job mid-shift after being asked to wash dishes

TikToker quits McDonald’s job mid-shift after being asked to wash dishesTIKTOK: fionnmccallum470

A TikToker went viral after quitting his McDonald’s job on the spot, because he didn’t want to clean dirty dishes.

Recently, TikToker Fionn McCallum posted a video of an incident in which he filmed a bunch of dirty cooking equipment, before shouting: “Hell nah, I’m not cleaning that. I ain’t cleaning that.”

The young worker walked over to his manager – off camera – shouting, “Ashley, I quit. I quit. I quit.”

“No! Get back here!” his angry manager was heard screaming in response, while a colleague added, “Oh, f**k that!”

The fed up McDonald’s worker stood his ground, and walked out. “I quit, I’m leaving Maccas. See you on the flip side b*tch!” Fionn said as he left the restaurant.

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“They really thought I was going to clean that,” he captioned the video, which amassed a whopping 9.4 million views.

Tiktok users react to Tiktoker quitting

While it’s unclear whether the video is real or staged, TikTok users were divided over Fionn’s disdain for the dirty dishes, with some criticizing him.

“How can anyone be surprised? It’s what we expect from kids today,” one wrote. “Well I can easily tell this kid is not going to be a hard worker in his lifetime,” another added.

“Not even that bad it’s like 20 mins of work,” a third wrote.

Many, however, sympathized with the TikToker.

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“‘I work at McDonald’s, I feel you,” one shared. “Na no way the manager was being serious,” another wrote.

“Bruh nah I wash up at where I work which is tolerable but if I were to see that I’d probably quit too,” a third commented.

Others said they’d have happily completed the job without complaints.

This is the latest viral video of someone quitting their job mid-shift, after a Burger King worker divided viewers when she quit on the spot.

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