TikToker sparks outrage after revealing “marriage boundaries” with husband

TikTok Marriage BoundariesCanva and TikTok: jojosorrerll

In a viral TikTok, a woman shared the strict rules she and her husband abide by while attending Liberty University. These strict rules sparked community disbelief, with many shocked with the amount of limitations they place on their marriage.

Setting boundaries for relationships is essential to creating a healthy bond with your significant other – a practice one married couple on TikTok took to heart.

Jojosorrell’s TikTok video outlining she and her husband’s rules for interacting with people in college went viral, as many viewers criticized the ironclad rules the married couple abide by.

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The video starts off with the wife headlining the video: “Here’s some boundaries my husband and I have in our marriage as a married couple still in college.”

She then gets into the list of rules, with the first one stating: “We’re not allowed to sit beside the opposite sex in any of our classes.” The rest of the rules follow a similar trend, severely limiting the social options in the college environment.

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The married couple’s second rule relates to discussion boards, where they’re “only allowed to reply to the same sex.” Even when her husband saw a great discussion online, she wasn’t comfortable with him replying to the same thread. So he didn’t.

The final rule is the one the married couple find the hardest to control: “We try our very best to only have professors in the same gender as us.”

Viewers were alarmed by the severely limiting nature of the rules, with many throwing criticism towards the TikToker.

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One user asked if they had “Boundaries or lack of trust?” while another begged them to “say you’re joking right now.” But is the video real, or did she make it as a form of satire?

This is a question many begin to ponder, prompting users to scroll through her older videos for any signs of a big joke. One user commented “I get this is a satire account now. Liberty would kick you straight out if they saw this, & snitches would tell!”

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Liberty University is the school they both presumably attend, which as one of the world’s largest Christian universities.

The user herself also commented “jk” on the TikTok itself, two days after the video was originally uploaded.

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