Kick streamer’s explosive reaction to accusations of viewbotting on TikTok

Eliana Bollati
Streamers Sam Frank and Adin Ross

Sam Frank has clapped back at claims of viewbotting on her TikTok response to fellow streamer, Adin Ross, with an explosive series of posts on Twitter where she appears to accuse him of “hypocrisy” for making a “simp community”.

It looks like there’s fresh beef between Kick streamer Adin Ross and Sam Frank. There isn’t a lot of love lost between the pair, with Adin holding Sam responsible for the deterioration of his friendship and collaboration with the streamer Rangesh “N3on” Mutama.

Sam and N3on were linked romantically, and Adin’s disapproval of the relationship played its role in the friendship ending. Things seemed to have simmered down, but the drama recently reared its head again after members of Adin’s discord shared a clip of Sam allegedly dissing his girlfriend.

While Adin acknowledged the other streamer might not have been referring to his girlfriend in the clip, he still made some disparaging comments of his own with regards to Sam’s weight.

Sam posted a response to Adin on TikTok, which jumped from 15k views to over 500k views in a matter of minutes. The massive increase in views over such a short time, combined with the small number of likes on the video, then prompted allegations of viewbotting on Twitter.

The streamer appeared to refute the claims in a video reply to the tweet, blowing a kiss to the camera while saying “no boss, haha.”

She then posted a series of tweets accusing an unnamed “some people” of making their own “simp community” after hating on hers. Some users speculate these comments are in reference to Adin and his current girlfriend, Demisucks, prompting many to respond to her tweets praising Demi.

Many Twitter users also appeared unconvinced there wasn’t any viewbotting happening on Sam Frank’s TikTok channel.

“500k views 1k likes, that ratio is wild. 100% view botted” Said one. “There’s no way a Sam Frank community is getting 54k impressions yeah she is definitely view botting,“ said another.

But some defended the streamer, who originally got her start on TikTok: “She basically grew up on tiktok her fan base is TikTok make it makes sense.”