Ed Boon says TLoU’s Ellie won’t be a playable character in MK12

Brianna Reeves
tlou Ellie mk12

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon says TLoU’s Ellie will not appear as a guest combatant in the eagerly-anticipated MK12.

Since the series reboot with MK9, guest characters have played an integral role in post-launch support for Mortal Kombat titles.

It started with the likes of Freddy Krueger and Kratos in the ninth mainline entry. In the many years since then, everyone from Jason Voorhees and Joker to Spawn and Predator has joined the MKX and MK11 rosters as DLC.

With MK12 all but confirmed, fans are already hard at work on the wishlists for potential guest fighters. And one PlayStation character, in particular, continues to receive plenty of buzz in this regard.

TLoU fans want Ellie to appear on the MK12 roster

HBO’s The Last of Us featured Mortal Kombat II prominently in its seventh episode, with Ellie and Riley battling one another on an arcade machine.

Naturally, Ed Boon’s appreciation of the MK love has some fans wondering if Ellie might later appear in an upcoming Mortal Kombat entry. According to Boon, this is highly unlikely.

Boon responded to a fan campaigning for Ellie in MK12 with the following message, “NOPE. I don’t want to see fatalities on her.”

While TLoU’s Ellie could make for an interesting addition to MK12, particularly given her brutality, Fatalities used against her would prove difficult to watch for many.

At the very least, Mortal Kombat fans can now mark off one possible DLC character for the MK12 roster. But details about post-launch support are unlikely to surface anytime soon. After all, WB Games and developer NetherRealm have yet to formally announce the new MK entry.