Ed Boon hints Mortal Kombat dev’s new game will release in 2023

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According to a tease from Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Ed Boon, NetherRealm’s new game could hit store shelves in 2023.

Questions abound about the development studio’s plan for its next major project. Though rumors continue to point to Mortal Kombat 12, fans haven’t given up hope on a third Injustice game.

Barring the Aftermath expansion, NetherRealm hasn’t released a game since MK11 in 2019. The precedent in recent years suggests another Injustice outing is on the way. However, the uncertain future of WB Games as it currently stands has called such a release into question.

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Whatever the studio is hard at work on, thus, remains a mystery. But recent hints from Ed Boon indicate the veil could lift sooner rather than later.

Mortal Kombat studio’s new game may launch next year

In a recent Q&A on his personal Twitter page, NetherRealm CCO Ed Boon offered a hint about the team’s unannounced project.

The developer wrote the following in response to a fan asking about a potential 2023 due date: “I shouldn’t ans23r that.”

Another Twitter user pondered whether an announcement of some kind would hit the airwaves within the next “six months.” Boon simply said, “Likely” in reply.

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Other replies from Boon excited the community, too. Most notably, one fan asked if The Boys’ Homelander would appear in a new Mortal Kombat game. The developer couldn’t answer directly, of course, but noted the character “would fit in nicely.”

For now, there’s still no confirmation on whether NetherRealm is working on Injustice 3 or MK12. It seems, however, that an answer will finally arrive in the next year or so.

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