Tekken 8 devs reveal plan to eliminate plugging & rage quitting

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Tekken 8 pluggers rage quitters banned

Tekken 8’s ranked mode has been plagued by players plugging and rage quitting their matches to keep themselves from losing rating. Fortunately, the developers have addressed this issue and plan to put an end to the practice.

For those who have been trying to climb in Tekken 8, it’s not a rare occurrence to run into a plugger/rage quitter who disconnects from the game to avoid losing progress toward their next rank.

What’s more, the disconnect rate that shows when you’re about to match into a player doesn’t properly display how often they plug, making it so players don’t have proper warning on whether or not their opponent disconnects from matches often.

This is a common issue players run into who are trying to rank up without gaming the system, and the devs are well aware of it, as revealed in a recent Tekken Talk.

Tekken 8 devs address plugging/rage quitting problem

Though Tekken 8’s launch has been solid and the game has sold incredibly well, the game has had its fair share of hot-button issues that the community wants fixes for.

While buffs and nerfs are pretty subjective and vary from person to person, the community has been vocal about one issue in particular: plugging/rage quitting.

Having a win taken away from you due to your opponent quitting the match has been a huge problem, and some players are getting really fast at leaving the game, even using their Rage Art or Heat Smash’s windup as a buffer to leave the fight so the result doesn’t count.

Thus, the devs behind Tekken 8 have addressed the problem and promised that they’re looking into solutions.

While they’d like to ban pluggers and rage quitters outright, there are a few obstacles in the way.

Tekken 8 producer Michael Murray and game director Harada confirmed plans to update the disconnect rate meter and explained why pluggers aren’t just banned outright.

“There’s no perfect solution to this, but we’re trying to improve it. At least to make it a more accurate disconnect ratio that’s displayed on their character profiles. Obviously, we want to ban these people from the game, but there’s a lot of legal protections in different countries and different manners around the world, so we’re just being careful that we have all of that kind of paperwork and the methodology that’s necessary to remove these people from the game service before we go through with the bans.”

“It will happen, please be patient.”

In other words, nothing is changing quite yet. But, at least the developers are well aware of the problem and have an idea of how they’d like to fix it.

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