Tekken 8: All difficulty settings explained

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This comprehensive guide has all the information you want if you’re curious about Tekken 8’s difficulty settings.

Tekken 8 is the latest iteration of Bandai Namco’s very successful fighting game franchise and now it’s here after nearly ten years since Tekken 7. Fans have been pouring endless love on the game with a megafan even naming his children after iconic fighters.

Although the main campaign can be finished in just a couple of hours, Tekken 8 gives you the option to choose between different difficulty settings to test your skills to the fullest. So, here’s a guide with all the difficulty settings explained for you to choose the right one to enjoy the game.

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All difficulty settings in Tekken 8 campaign

When you’re about to start a new Tekken 8 campaign run, you’ll be presented with three difficulty settings:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Unlike some other games, the names of the difficulty settings in Tekken 8 are pretty straightforward. While the Easy mode is mainly for new and casual players, the Medium and Hard modes are the ones where your skills will get tested.

You can change the difficulty settings at any given moment during the game from the menu screen. Once you’ve locked on a particular difficulty setting, it will remain the same throughout the Story and Character Episodes in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 difficulty settings rewards

Unlike the Easy mode, playing Tekken 8 on Medium and Hard will reward you with certain in-game items.

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Tekken 8 Medium mode rewards

Here’s a rundown of every reward you get after completing Tekken 8 story on Medium game mode:

10 Million GIn-game currency
Bronze Devil PanelBronze player panel
Silver Devil PanelSilver player panel
Gold PlateGold player title plate
Bronze Devil PlateBronze player title plate
Silver Devil PlateSilver player title plate
Bronze Devil Health GaugeBronze player health gauge
Silver Devil Health GaugeSilver player health gauge
HopePlayer title
TK8 Style (Story Version)Kazuya Mishima skin
TK8 Style (Story Version)Jin Kazama skin
Soul ChainJin Kazama skin

Tekken 8 Hard mode rewards

Here are all the rewards you get after completing the Tekken 8 story on Hard mode:

Gold Devil Health GaugeGold player health gauge
Gold Devil PanelGold player panel
Gold Devil PlateGold player title plate

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