Where to buy the Intel Core i7-14700K: Price, release date & more

raptor next to an intel i7-14700K

Looking for where to buy the Intel i7-14700K? We’ve got you, don’t you worry. Here’s everything you need to know.

The latest Intel 14th-generation CPUs aren’t the norm for Intel. Instead of launching Meteor Lake or Arrow Lake as expected, the component maker has decided to refresh its last generation.

This isn’t to say it’s a bad thing, as those who are looking to upgrade from the 12th generation will be happy to know you won’t need a new motherboard. The Raptor Lake Refresh is Intel’s last hurrah for the LGA1700 socket which makes it incredibly convenient for those considering an upgrade this year.

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Where to buy the Intel i7-14700K

The Intel i7-14700K is available for pre-order via Amazon but is set to launch on October 18. If you’re subscribed to Prime, you can expect it within the usual timeframe. B&H currently lists the CPU as ready to order. The cheapest place to get the CPU will be Amazon, which has slashed a good chunk off of its MSRP at the time of writing.

Intel i7-14700K price

Intel CPU on Blue backgroundIntel

The i7-14700K is officially priced at $409, but as with any PC component launch, don’t expect the MSRP set by Intel to reflect the stores themselves. Everyone is pricing these higher than the official slides originally indicated. However, Micro Center has slashed $70 off their original listing price, and Amazon currently has the lowest price at $419.

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Is it worth it to buy an i7-14700K?

This entirely depends on where you’re at in your personal upgrade cycle. If you’re on an 11th gen or older Intel CPU, it’s going to be a more expensive upgrade, with a new motherboard required. However, if you’re on the LGA1700 socket from the 12th and 13th gen chips, it could be worth it if you’re planning to squeeze even more power out of your PC. While we’d probably say to steer clear if you’ve only just upgraded to the 13th-gen, as the performance gains will be minimal.

Intel i7-14700K vs AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

We’re awaiting the official release of the Intel i7-14700K before we make a true judgment call on this. However, preliminary benchmarks from certain outlets seem to indicate that the 14700K could pull ahead in many gaming workloads, making it a killer purchase for those looking for a new CPU without switching platforms.

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Looking at the leaks seem to also point to the fact that the 14th-gen chips from Intel might be powerful in their own right.

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