Viral Nintendo Switch 2 “leaks” proven fake

Joel Loynds
Switch 2 fake leaks

An avid Switch fan has taken to Twitter to fake a leak of Nintendo’s next console. While they look very convincing, trained eyes have already picked them apart.

With a new console coming, it’s time for a fresh batch of fake leaks. As with the original Switch, some avid fans are hotly anticipating Nintendo’s next hardware. However, one new leak spreading like wildfire on Twitter has caught some people out.

Twitter user NintendogsBS has a series of photos and videos of the fake Switch 2, including a fairly convincing manual. NintendogsBS says to expect something tomorrow, furthering the intrigue.

However, the fake leaks of a Switch 2 are too good to be true, as the user interface elements featured are contradictory.

Some users have pointed out that the user interface also incorrectly capitalizes words in game titles, while another comedically pointed out that the art for Xenoblade Chronicles is wrong.

On top of this, a screenshot of the user interface confuses languages, putting the Italian word for games, giochi, at the top among the English. To clarify, these “leaks” are indeed fake, and even members of the industry have pointed out that this is clearly fake.

Christopher Dring, the head of the industry website, flatly said that “Those aren’t the Switch 2 controllers” in a tweet:

No Switch 2 hardware until 2024

The Nintendo Switch’s successor, whether it’s called Switch 2, Pro, or something entirely different, isn’t expected until some point in 2024. This comes from the CEO of Nintendo directly, who said in an earnings call to not expect anything until the following year.

However, it hasn’t stopped speculation and digging, as eager fans have spotted manufacturers supplying parts for the Switch successor deleting evidence. Some have even dug deep into Nvidia’s latest system-on-chip hardware to find which device the latest Nintendo console could be built upon.

Outside of this, Nintendo has remained quiet on all fronts, even after Ubisoft said it would have liked to have launched the recent Mario + Rabbids game on the hardware.

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