Nintendo Switch Pro reportedly canceled and no signs of new hardware in 2023

Joel Loynds
switch oled with questions marks

According to a new podcast from Digital Foundry, the updated Switch Pro was canceled, and not to expect the next generation hardware in 2023.

Digital Foundry’s John Linneman claimed that the Switch Pro was canceled at the last minute by Nintendo in 2021. This was revealed during their supporter Q&A. The crew also goes on to state that the successor to the handheld-hybrid console won’t be released in 2023.

Rumors have circulated since 2020 that the Switch Pro will be released. In 2021, Nintendo revealed the updated Switch OLED, which is sold alongside both the regular Switch and Switch Lite.

According to Digital Foundry and Linneman, the Switch Pro was planned by Nintendo as a mid-generation release. This would have fallen in line with consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, offering more power towards the end of the life cycle of the console family, thanks to the reductions in costs surrounding manufacturing.

“From what I can understand from talking to different developers there was some mid-generation Switch update planned. That no longer seems to be happening.

“Thus, it’s pretty clear that whatever they do next is going to be the actual next-generation hardware.”

The late cancellation in 2021 lines up with rumors posted by Bloomberg. According to developers, the hardware existed, as they were making games for it.

Linneman also speculates that Nintendo is nervous about the leap between the Switch and the next-generation hardware. Each major leap since the Nintendo 64 has not gone as well as expected. The Wii U and Gamecube sold poorly in comparison to expectations and the competition.

Digital Foundry also states that they don’t expect that the next hardware from Nintendo will release in 2023.

Switch rumors abound

Earlier this year, it was rumored that the next Nintendo hardware will continue to use Nvidia chips. This is still likely the case, but what version of the Tegra chip has yet to be seen. Digital Foundry suspects that it could be based on the chip available on the Jetson Nano, a single-board computer produced by Nvidia for development and industry purposes.

It could offer double the power of the current Switch hardware. However, as pointed out by Digital Foundry, it is a cutdown version of a more powerful chip. Rumors also speculate that Nintendo will use Nvidia’s DLSS supersampling. This will allow them to achieve 4K and better performance in the long run, with hardware able to last longer than normal.

The current hardware inside the Switch is from 2015, with only a 256 CUDA core GPU. The Jetson Nano can house 1024, with another Nvidia chip in the same family able to hold double that. Once released, the potential of the Switch Pro would rival handhelds like the Aya Neo, Steam Deck, and GPD Win 4.

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